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Mercedes E500 vs. Infiniti Q45


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Hi all, which one you feel is a better choice ??? I think you get more interior technology with the Q45 (voice recognition, rearview camera, satellite radio), but the Merc E class has IMHO a better shape, better resale value, and comes with an optional solar panel to keep the car cool in the summer. Still tough to decide between the two.

Anyone know what changes are in store for the 2004 E class ?? I think there's a wagon coming out, but any changes in performance or technology with the sedan ???

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Why compare the two? You would of course save a load of money with the Infiniti, with all it's gizmos and everything, but the Mercedes also has a load of gizmos, if thats' your thing. If you want to have your car for a long time, take the Mercedes. Very solid engineering ( hopefully still ), proven recipe, and better resale value in the long run.

No major changes to the E-Class for '04, which is still very new. The wagon is expected to come around in the Fall, with all the improvements, features and engines of the sedan. Available in E320 and E500 models, as well as not only rear, but all-wheels drive also. Mercedes claims 15% greater cargo capacity than the outgoing wagon, and will feature a new option called " Easy-Pack ". A hydraulic load floor that moves out the back of the car at the touch of a button to aid loading and unloading of cargo. And why am I going on and on about a Mercedes station wagon :D ? You can call me Mr. Trivia for the next 5 minutes.

think of it this way, even though Q45 has 43 more horsepower, it's still slower, the voice command is nice, but it doesn't work very well, and to replace a headlight is approaching four hundred dollars. The Q45 is overly quiet inside, not even under full throttle can the V8's roar be heard in any capacity, it doesn't handle in an athletic way (it is an able handler, it just doesn't beg to be beaten). The E500 also has MUCH better resale value, so it may be more expensive now, but say 18months from now, the price difference will be compensated on residual value difference alone.

My money would go to E500.

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