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S65 Sedan Production Starts This December

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I can't read Swedish, but from what I tried to decipher, the S65 and the other 65 models start production this December, and will have 390 millimeter floating caliper light-weight composite cross-drilled/ventilated discs !!! That's even bigger than the optional 380 mm composite disc brakes for the "Performance Package" for the SL 55.

What a bad-ass sedan, WOW :-)

It seems that maybe a little later they are gonna then throw out the 5-Speed auto in these 65's and throw in the all-new 7-Speed.

here's the link to the S65 info page: (maybe you guys can translate it to see what it really says)


I guess the next upgrade step for anyone buying the first crop of 612 HP 65's will be to go to "Vath Motortechnik" to upgrade to over 718 Horsepower.

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Why would you want todo that? :) Isn't 612bhp enough? I mean because of the torque limiter the car has a flat torque curve anywayz so nobody can complain about turbolag, the car has it's max torque already available at 2000 rpm which is 2.5x stationary. Just a little push on the pedal and you have full power of the beast. this goes on till 7k rpm and it doesn't have a redline.

This is a dream car for me, why would you ever want to tinker around with it?


it's a boat is what it is. It's a donzi gien wheels.

i'm sorry, i'll take my transportation a little smaller thank you.

if ever i'm asked what is wrong with capitalism, all i need to say is S65.


Well okay I guess you are right, the S class is a little too big to be used as a sports vehicle, I was never a big fan of the S55 to begin with. But the CL65 and SL65 are getting the same engine and drivetrain and those 2 are very much suited for racing.

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