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All-New S/CL-Class for '05/'06 & new CLS Class

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Awesome info on the completely brand new S & CL class for '05 or '06, and info on the all-new CLS-Class 4-Door coupe.

The new S-Class will have front AND rear Navigation screens & access, plus have two more DVD screens in the rear headrests with storage for your own personal DVD movie collection in the rear also. Also another site talks about the all-new Bang & Olufsen sound system, the Active Headlights, Active Airbags, Active Suspension, Active front & rear seating, Active Noise Cancellation (programmable from audio system)..etc..

Also on the new S-Class the rear seats will also have many-way (14, 16, 20 way?) rear seats along with the fronts !!

Rear seats will also have massage, heating, cooling, etc..

Interior will be much more up to date and have not only MUCH HIGHER QUALITY leather & wood grain even than the current S-Class, but also have aluminum accents also with "textured" buttons on the dash so that the driver can feel for them without having to look down from the road while driving. Also will have "Night Vision" Optics, and of course the LOOKS OF THE NEW CAR will be much better even than the current car !!! The first people that have already seen in it have said how it makes all the current luxury cars look extremely outdated and boring by comparison. Bimmer will have alot of catching up to do in every department now, especially the LOOKS department with this new car being such a visual stunner. It will look much wider and more aggressive and futuristic ... & will look even much more expensive than before. Ofcourse along with all the new looks & technology will be the all-new engines and transmissions .... WOW what a car!!! Can't wait to see these when they come out. Also the new CLS 4-Door coupe will make the current CLK and E-Class look very outdated & boring also by comparison. Might even have textured leather seats like on some Bentley's and Rolls Royces ....

Gotta love Mercedes Benz ...... their cars get cooler every year that goes by this past several years especially !!!

Here's the link: http://www.imakenews.com/autospies/e_article000182702.cfm

And here's the link to more info on new MB's : www.mbspy.com

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MB already announced the CLS publicly on their website, too bad it's just a concept car. Personally I think CLS is a funny name for the car, a 4 door coupe... Anywayz it looks like a highway monster ready to eat everybody in it's way.

Finally MB is moving to full DVD. I like the new interior, hopefully they'll dump the old interior design and stick with this. Too bad we have to wait untill 2005 for all these goodies :(

BTW: Contrary to what they say in that article, the new S-Class is scheduled to be released mid/end 2004. Atleast that's what I heard.


They have in fact announced the CLS and it was at Frankfurt as a concept. I have also read that the new S-Class should be out in the second half of 2004 as a 2005 model. Can't wait to see it. Surprising, though, that there haven't even been any spy photos or anything.

The autospies article was interesting. Should be cool to see what of that article actually comes to fruition by the time it's released.


850 Ci

u no whats funnier sounding than the CLS? the GST. i heard that somewhere in autospies, funniest name ever.

government sales tax ->GST?

and for that new S, they mihgt as well just call it maybach.. seriously. the merc are getting closer to those nice big pimpin Escalades.


I find the nomenclatures for these things strange, too. I miss the good old days when it was a "300D" or "450SL" or a "300SEL 6.3." GST??? Wasn't that used on the Mitsubishi Eclipse for the two-wheel-drive turbo?

Oh well. Take what you get, huh?

The other curiosity is this: A four-door coupe? I'm assuming everyone has seen the pictures. A coupe designation is based on the interior space. That car is far too large to actually be a coupe. But I do understand it's more to bring a sporting image to mind in conjunction with the fact that it's supposed to be B-Pillarless and no frames on the windows which does give a nice appearance like on the CLK.

As a side note: Another name-oddity that didn't get by the major automotive publications was the upcoming Phaeton. It's not a phaeton at all! That would mean that the driver would be out in the rain while the "mother-in-law" was in the dry in the back! Right. :-))



That would be a " Landau " wouldn't it?

Anyway Raptor, I'd appreciate it if you could pick me up in the CLS to go get my new CTS, since I sold the EXT because it got horrible gas mileage, and an SLK was too small. Thanks :) .

Oh, and remind me to get the GSX gassed up.


the 4 dour coupe concept is kind of a european thing, opels got one, its a pretty kool car i suppose and it will probably sell. everyone keeps saying they want a Mercedes that looks different, it certainly does. And isnt the mazda.. what is it rx8?.. a 4 door coupe basically. Amen to them old-timey names. theres only 26 letters, pretty soon theyre going to have to switch to hebrew or cyrillic

Amen to them old-timey names. theres only 26 letters, pretty soon theyre going to have to switch to hebrew or cyrillic

You do have a point there.


I've seen somebody on the german forums post concept scetches of the new S class. It was a whiel ago but they looked awesome. Lemme see if I can find them.

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