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Why are Japanese cars limited to 206kw?

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Just a question, what was the reason that the japanese decided to limit all their cars to 206kw? is it only limited to paper and engines actually produce more or is the power actually controlled.

it would suck if like toyota or whoever decided to make a SUPERCAR that made like 400kw or whatever to go agaisnt the enxo ect.....and all they could write was 206kw on paper.

hmmm......thats silly i reckon

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the 2o6kw or 28ohp japanese limit wasnt set by the goverment, it was only a 'gentlemen's agreement' by the auto makers in the country. As it is obvious cars such as the r34GTR and such have more than 28ohp, even with 4wd ive seen stock dyno numbers of around 265hp (which translates to roughly 33ohp at the crank)

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