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New M5 Photos (E60)


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That is not the final body, it's M5 with a standard E60 body wrapped around it.

The breaks are an improvement on the E39. One of the mayor complaints was the small and soft breaks on the E39, people even retrofitted Porsche breaks. However it looks like a 1 piston caliper a 2 piston larger caliper would be much better.

I wonder if that gray lower body will make production. I can certifiably say I came up with that before they did. I have designed a new M3 before ( E56? ) with silver body and metalic dark blue lower body and graphite gray wheels. They will probably paint it.

yeah, that's only bimmer camo. None of the other mangled bangles have that, he seems to be into keeping things similar, so i say that doesn't make the cut. They might just call the next 3 series E55 i've heard.

That's still a mean-lookin' machine though. I wouldn't hesitate to grab one. I hope power is 550HP or more. I wish BMW wuold just stop messing with our heads and give us final numbers. Sometimes they give us hope and then brutally take it away. I remember when they made rumours about the M6 at first, and they said it would have up to 700HP. Now that number is more likely to be 550 or a just bit more. I'm a bit disappointed at BMW, but I can't fall out of love with the brand that makes the most pure-feeling automobiles on the planet. If the looks of the E60 M5 are a disappointment, the performance and handling won't be, and that's something I can almost guarantee.

When you're talking about horsepower in the 500+ range, I don't care what the final numbers are. You really only need so much power to have the time of your life. Look how loved the E39 is, it's automotive sex at the Ritz. And it has only 394-400 hp depending on how you make your calculations.

I do believe there is a comfort limit. You should not have to watch your foot too much, or it's not as fun anymore.

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hey, that nifty little toy you dropped in your sig is sadly innacurrate. Whoever wrote it obvious didn't spend enough time on it. It got my ISP and location wrong by A LOT off the bat, and it is extremely easy to fool, at the moment it is telling me that my linux box is a windows machine running IE5.0 and that i'm an AOL dial up subscriber. Oh well, so much for toys.

Care to elaborate on why E60 is U G L Y?


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