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Which is Better? The Mercedes-Benz S600 or the BMW 760Li?

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In my opinion, the S600 is better overall, but Beemers have a special place in my heart, so I can't ignore the wonderful 760Li. I don't know, really, it's a tough choice. For horsepower, the S600 has a 5.5L Twin-Turbo V12 that pumps out 500BHP and backs it up with 590 pound-feet of Torque (non-SAE numbers). The 760Li on the other hand has a 6L Naturally-Aspirated V12 that pumps out 438BHP and 444 pound-feet of Torque (non-SAE). The S600 is slightly faster, as expected. It is slightlymore luxurious as well. Many people may also argue that it looks better than the 7. But even with all the aforementioned in mind, there is still the strong appeal of a BMW that just can't be ignored. All that make the bavarian brand's automobiles so Germanificly perfect. It may be outdone by the S600, and it may even fall short of what the A8 4.2 can achieve, and some magazines put the XJ8 ahead of the 7 series as well. Yet no matter how hard you try, even if you happen to fall into that certain category of people who find the 7 series utterly pog fugly, you can't deny the fact that once you drive a 7 series, you may very well decide to buy it. I for one would buy one in half-a-second. I didn't go into too much detail about the cars because I don't have the time at the moment.

It'll be interesting (and prossibly angering) to see what other people have to say about this.

- Izzy

P.S.: "Prossibly" is NOT a typo. It's a made-up word (I own the rights to it). ((One day probably and possibly got down and dirty, and nine months later their freakchild "prossibly" was born.)). <---- That's the story behind it. Cuz some people asked.

The 7 Series is actually my favorite BMW, and Im not much of a BMW fan. I actually like the new styling, hell, I love the new styling, and I loved the way that the 7's looked before. All these progressive designs in the 7 and even in the Enzo wre met with all kinds of controversy, but I like the new designs, oh well. The only problem that I see with the 7 series, is iDrive. Im sorry, I hate it. I want to drive a car, not a computer.

Well, I whole-heartedly agree with you all the way up to iDrive. I absolutely loved the old 7's, and I love the new 7 as well. I think the controversy over the styling of the 7 was more widespread and intense than the controversy over the Enzo. But the 7 is something most of us are going to get used to, so anyone who's still whining about it can tire themselves out. They won't get anywhere. Bangle's styling may need some improvements, but it may very well be here to stay. Afterall, they are BMWs. And as for iDrive, it may not have been as user-friendly in the current 7 as some would've hoped, but the next 7 is going to incorporate a better iDrive than the current one, one that will be as good as the one in the E60 5 series, if not better. And if nothing else, it makes up for lack of any user-friendly operational interface, with the fact that it works and does it's job reliably. And let's not forget that the first iteration of iDrive was in it's infancy. This thing needs time. But clearly it is important for the future of Autos, or else not so many different rival companies including Audi and Mercedes-Benz would try to jump on the bandwagon.

Looks are important but the car

it self is what I care more about.

when your driving your on the

inside of the car so who cares what the car

looks like,now that i-drive on the

other hand is a pain in the neck

I test drove a 745i and that i-drive


i personally would get the S55. No turbo lag and turbo exhaust sound like S600, no i-drive and hotter performance than 760.

I wish the E65 were more like the old sevens, still big sports sedans, not big sedans that are sporty

Yeah, S55 I guess.

As for the 760Li, I see no real reason to spend good money on a new 7. The old one is that good. And i-Drive? Phuh, forget it. If I'm lost, I have no aversion to road maps. Old 7s' have available GPS anyway.

Well, at least go for an S65 of some sort, if you have to go with an S-class. It looks great, by the way. I wish the Maybach looked more like it than, umm, whatever else it looks like. Actually, it was inspired by the S-class, and looks a lot like it, but it should look like it even more. Especially the rear and front. The insides are killer though. And it's the same in the S-Class. I don't know, I think any big German auto you go for would be a great buy. You're not too likely to be disappointed with your purchase. I'd probably go for the Audi A8 Diesel.

Well, because the diesel is relatively better than the petrols, and it ets better mileage while still delivering the same performance. It's pretty obvious. The diesel A8 is probably the best ultra-luxury-sedan out there. I'd buy one in half-a-second. And it looks gorgeous in black. Now if only they could reduce the particulate emmissions as well as the CO2 emmissions, it would be gold.


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