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Winter - rusty cars...

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Is it only Finland, Norway and Sweden that uses salt on the roads to lower the freezing point?? I know how extremely harmful dirt mixed with salt is when it blasters the metal on the car... only if you got a car with eighter plastics near the wheels or a car with zinc at the lower parts of the body, then your car wount be rusty... oilthreatmeant is rather good also.

How about North America regarding winterroads? just accept the slippy weather, or does they salt the road there too? I mean Scandinavian winterdriven cars (like most cars) are rusty, more or less.

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Yes, they salt the roads here too. And it gets all over people's cars.

Personally, I would love to see the street department run out of salt some winter, ( which they almost have ) and have all of their trucks quit.

Slow things down, let the beautiful white snow build so everyone has to walk, and they can relate to eachother on the street like real human beings again. Ah, winter - Tis' the season for warm fellowship. :P


well. i'd just as soon have worse roads without salt. bad roads are kinda fun!


We constantly need that shtuff up here, since it's more wet than water itself in Vancouver during Fall, Winter, and early Spring.

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