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Last Beetle produced ever

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Yesterday VW shutdown the (old) Beetle plant in Mexico. I was suprised to hear they were still being produced. Anywayz after 60 years the Beetle is the car with the longest trackrecord. Ordered by Hitler himself and produced in masses. In Hitler's words: "Yeder mensch kriegt ein Volkswagen" translated: "Every person will get a VW". These words kicked off the production in germany. Later on the production was shifted to Mexico because the hand assembly was too expensive.

Ironicaly in the 60's and 70's the car was a symbol of love and flowerpower. Strange indeed cause everybody all over the world had one not thinking about the fact that Hitler himself was involved with this car.

Ordered by Hitler or not it was a very fine, cheap and strong car.

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yeah, really, ferrari founded by enzo, mercedes founded gottlieb, ford founded by henry, chrysler founded by walter, rolls royce by henry, jaugar by william, volkswagen by Adolf.

it is something else. The old one was a severely antiquated design, but it speaks to how well dr. porsche designed it originally that it was still designed and sold. It was still sold well in mexico, too bad they killed it. The old beetle buyers cannot afford the new beetle.


I think with the end of Beetle production, it marks the end of truely affordable new cars. Even the cheapest cars these days run $10,000 or more, and thats' just base model, bottom of the skillet stuff. The New Beetle and Mini are not even in that league, they are simply wealthy people's runnabouts / playthings, for when they don't feel like driving the SUV. Airbags, and computers, and everything that go into modern cars make it impossible for them to be really cheap.

But then who said to buy a car it has to be new? The makers would love for you to fall into the trap of " newer is better ", but the well informed know that there is a wonderful world of cars out there, every one that was ever made, and they are being bought and sold everyday. Get in on it, because unless $50,000 is pocket change to you, than most NEW cars are not worth buying.

Ironicaly in the 60's and 70's the car was a symbol of love and flowerpower. Strange indeed cause everybody all over the world had one not thinking about the fact that Hitler himself was involved with this car.


What is your problem?

Why you say 4 times "Hitler" in the post?

The Beetle was a very funny car and many people had one. This car was better than the Trabi from DDR (East-Germany before 1990).

My Beetle was a 1500 from 1970 in orange. :D


lol, WiWa drove an old beetle, the air cooled boxer, window washers powered by spare tire pressure, It was a cool car. Rear engine layout was nice.

yeah, be careful with Hitler. He was dark era in germany, don't rub his name on anyone. Trust me, germany isn't the only country ever to have a leader like that.


Yeah but Germany was probably the most extreme (as Germans always are).

I think the Beetle should have died a long time ago. That is, if you look at it like any other car. But I guess this isn't just "any other car", so it deserves to be an icon, a classic, ....

Durnig childhood I lived in Iran for a while, and I remember seeing a hell of a lot of those Beetles. They're loved in Iran as well, apparently (of course not as much as people in Mexico love'em). I saw Mexicans crying because the Beetle is no longer produced. That's just entirely gone a bit too far!


The beetle in my country represents something very special for the people. 90% of the cabs (taxi) here, are Vw´s beetles from 1980 s models to 2003´s. Also the Jettas, the New Beetles and some parts of the Golf are made on the same plant. beetles in mexico were made by hand 85% . Thanks to the production of the beetle, nowadays Mexico plant have one of the best qualities of all vw plants. Las t year i had a vw beetle, it is a very funny experience to drive one specially when the road is wet... :):):)

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