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Top brands and who keeps their promises

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How am I supposed to look at those figues? I don't get it! It sais "Problems per 100 vehicles" and the score is something like 200 to 400. Is this incident related or do all the problems with 1 vehicle count as 1 score?


at porsche, every 8th station on the production line is quality control. That is unheard of. They are very very stringent. I am suprised Audi/VW isn't higher, they have often been noted for their extremely high build quality.

BMW doing so well impresses me. Especially since they have moved production of some vehicles to South Carolina.


BMW probably made certain to make their South Carolina factory as " idiot proof " as possible. No offense S.C. :P Alot of main components are shipped from Germany to the American facility, so that probably helps as well.

What about a maker like Bentley, where everything is quality control?


no, south carloina has it's hillbilly aspects no doubt. I would not have picked there if I were BMW, but they did. Many parts (like engines) are shipped in from the fatherland, and the rotate german workers through spending 6-18 month shifts in spartansburg south carolina working along side american factory workers in the plant.

I am not sure where you get the idea quality control is everything at bentley. They are closing their facility at Crewe, whichi is where Bentley's have been traditionally handbuilt, but that is a move by VW. My freind's neighbor has a '93 bentley. It is broken quite often. I am not impressed with it in general. One of the draw backs of hand construction is that things are less homogenious. The move to volkswagen engines by Bentley and BMW engines by Rolls Royce will no doubt bring their quality to top notch.


If I recall, Bentley is going nowhere, it's just that Rolls will not be built at Crewe. By quality control, I meant that they are known for their hand crafted perfection in terms of the bodywork ( more recently ) paint, and interiors. Although the bodies themselves and such are built on a line with the " hand building " beginning later.

I am sure a Bentley can be just as reliable as any other car, but you have to be willing to spend the cash to maintain it properly, something your friend may not do.


i am sure a bentley, like most well designed cars can be reliable, i am saying it is exorbant to take car of, and perhaps well more involved than most cars. Most people just don't take all the steps.

Maybe I was wrong in saying they were moving from crewe.

Their handcrafted interiors are seccond to none, though the rolls royce phantom is well ahead of any current bentley 4 door, I am sure VW is fixing that right now.

I love british cars, bentley is the very symbol of all i like, great wood, amazing leathers, great details. character. I just think their reliability as a daily driver is below that of say, BMW or Toyota.

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