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WOOHOO! Goodbye radarcams!

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The Dutch goverment is going to force cities and towns to remove radarcams and speedtraps on places where they don't improve the safety. Cities have over done it with their right to place these devices, even more so because the money from the tickets has already been budgeted, they have become a tool of imcome (ATM machines as I liek to call them) rather then a tool to improve safety. Becuase everybody automaticly reaches for their breaks when they see a radarcam they form a danger. I personaly have witnessed several chaincrashes on my way to work.

The Dutch goverment is going to force cities to remove these devices and is only allowing them if cityhall can prove they improve the safety on that specific road at the specific spot.

Anywayz, bye bye radarcams, don't let the door hit you where the radardetector should've bit you.

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good news man. i am so happy we dont have them over here. the US does not know how to apply technology at all. e-z pass has become widely used over the year and you still cant pay tolls with credit cards.

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