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24h Le Mans

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This weekend was a motorsport fans dream weekend. The 24h Le Mans and F1 GP fell on the same weekend. :lol:

Anywayz the Le Mans was one of the best in a long time. Highlights were ofcourse the new Prototypes, The Ferrari and the Bentley.

Bentley made a crussing victory in the LMP (Le Mans Prototype) class, the same goes the Ferrari in the GT (Grand Tourisme) class. The Ferrari finished 30 mins before the rest so just before the end they rolled in the car, gave it a new set of tires, checked the fluids, gave it some fuel, washed it and 10 mins before the end they went onto the track and finished first.

It was a shame Spyker finished last. This year they had lots of potential to finish in the top 5 but due to transmission problems they were set back 91 laps. First time their clutch ran so hot that it was fused together with the flywheel, so they had to replace it in the middle of the night, somebody forgot to put in some oil in the transmission when they changed it so that one was ruined aswell, they had to change the tranny once again. too bad, well atleast the car survived the race which is a big achivement. Oh well fall and get up, next year, hopefully, they will have better trannies with oil in them :)

I still say the Spyker is an amazing car and has potential. They just need to work out the bugs here and there. For a team that has been around just 2 years they are competing with gaints that have been around for ages like Ferrari, Porsche, etc. They still have alot to learn but just the fact that they are able to finish the race sais enough about their willingness and capabilities. Not every off-the-shelf car can complete a 24h race and not every car maker is capable of making a car that can compete in a race like this. The number of dropouts is testimony of that.

A shame Dome-Judd finished 6th place just outside the winners circle. The car crashed, because of a flat tire, 20 min before the finish but didn't have too much damage. They still had to come in, replace the body work and the flat tire which set them back to the 6th place.

In short, a great race. Looking forward to next year.

For more info, video's and photo's you can check the official Le Mans site.

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definetly a dream weekend. F1, le mans, and moto gp. i couldnt have asked for more.


You guyz watch F1 in the US?!


most idiots like nascar, i however eat, sleep, breathe F1. i am first generation american, my parents are from italy and i am there about every six months, so yeah, i love F1. how about those michellins ripping apart?? what was that about? i thought it was great how everytime mike would pit he would come out right in front of his brother. he had to be pumped up racing his brother that closely.


It's great to see that McLaren and Williams are on the same level as Ferrari now. Last year was boring, Ferrari cars were superior, schummy was always in the lead, he even managed to put all cars onto 1 lap once or twice.

Anywayz it's great to see how the Mercedes and BMW engines are performing and now close the race was. At the end I was a little disappointed because there were 4 cars after each other and none of them tried to pass, they played it safe and accepted their positions. The wussy way out if you ask me, I atleast expected Alonso to make an attack for the 3th spot or Ralph to make an attack on his brother for the 1st spot.

I guess michellin has alot of explaining todo, for the money they pay for those tires a thing like that shouldn't happen.


i blame the lack of wins for williams BMW F1 on montoya. JP just hasn't been doing it. the car is there, but i think we'll see some restructure when the contract ends and BMW may split from williams. i like JP, i just want to see him win.

Anyhow, what is ferrari doing with a german driver? Blasphemy.


it definetly is nice to see competition from williams, and mclaren team. you are absolutely right, last year was just ferrari. renault is doing well also, it seems that their car is amazing on lower speed tracks with many turns, but on wide open straights it cant hang with ferrari, mclaren, or bmw.

this season is turning out interesting, i want to see whos ass gets kicked for the tire problem they had. haha


I hope Ferrari gets whooped so bad they go home crying. I wanna see team Ferrari be embarrassed to the point of no return. I hate Ferrari. Go Williams BMW. go Renault. And maybe McLaren too. But Ferrari can go to hell. :evil:

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