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Lord of the Bugs

Cayenne VS Touareg

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Lord of the Bugs
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I prefer Touareg in the form. It is very similar to the Cayenne because they have the same plataform and some other characteristics but i prefer the VW because of the form. Cayenne has more power and its inside is greater but i dont like its view outside.

What do you think?

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i think they are both ugly, but atleat in the cayanne, you have a real engine and great hanling.


no seas guey obiamente la cayenne porque la taureg solo es una 4 x 4 y la la cayenne es una 4 X 4 y aparte es una camioneta que jala kbron poruqe tiene un motor cabronsisimo y aparte tiene el sistema de que la camioneta puede subir o bajar de altura y el inerior tanto el exterior esta mejor la cayenne

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