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wee man

Porsche new 911 cabriolet and carrera 4 s cabriolet

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Ive spotted porsche new 911 and carrera 4s cabriolet in a magazine i purchase every month It says they will be avalible some time in the summer.they also mentioned the performace of the new cars and that they will only be less than seconds slower than the coupe versions but its worth it for a kick ass convertible.The carrera 4 s will cost around £680000 and the turbo will set u back around £930000.We might see the cars at the Frankfurt Motor show so keep your eyes at the ready for a seriously good lookin car.This could be the last 996 before porsche unviel the new 997 generation.Im sorry i dont have any pictures but the magazines name is GT Purley Porsche so get it and stare in awe at in my opinion the best looking cabriolets comin out of stuttgart for a while 8) :lol::D:D:D

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£250,000.00 for a turbo? Hmm.... If you want a good review of it (which, actually might be the one you're talking about), read the review of the 4S in CAR magazine (I forget which issue).

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