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i got it buyaka 3000gt vr4 any wieght loss tips =)

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my parents finnaly caved yesterday

9long and difficult trial) thnx allot for the emails. A friend of mine got a wrx and i raced him

!oh man! i beat him so bad 4 car lengths thats bad. still waiting on the supra tho i fear it the beast from the east may hold power i may not have comprehended here are the stats

1996 3000gt vr4


bone stock

old ladys sonn used to own it. She claims his total driving time in it was 5 months be 4 he left it in her garadge and moved to texas lol. left his grandma so she sells his ride nice. but she needed the money tho and i needed the car a fair transaction

i am 18 grad in 1 month

in 2 1/2 years i have saved up 8 k (wich was not easy) workin in places from macdonalds to best buy and all inbetween so now im on a loan from the parents talk about stress there worse than the bank lol

been through the begging and the anger and the drama and finaly wat i have worked so hard for sits in my drive way :P

now it begins

research is good but to know wat mods truely work would b great hook up some exp for a noob ill be 4 ever great full and im still tryin to find that wieght loss program for my car aperinty jenny craige doesnt make car food :P

aight mods and a wieght loss program i will b great full thx allot i dont have pics of it yet but soon ill post em c ya

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Finaly somebody with taste! :D The vr-4 is a great car!I don`t have any tips for you :( but i think it would be better to get more horsies than loosing weight! :D


u got a lot of work to do to make it light. try gutting it complketely. my friend got it down to 3200. new hood definetly.

u raced a wrx and only beat it by 4 car lenghts? u better have a lot of money to invest if u want it to be fast, vr4 parts are loot.


and those turbos were known to give up... how many miles on the car? I would try and find a good mechanic (someone who knows the 3000gt.. not just some new mitsu guy...) b/c those things are a bitch to maitain...

oops... looks like this post in 6 months old...

screw it i already typed..


I had mine gutted and completely reframed. mine is est. 2800lbs give or take 1-99lbs.

Usually buying a body kit to replace the heavy ass stock one will

free up alot of weight and the hood on it is pretty heavy as well. I'd go carbon fiber with hood and since you don't have shit load of money i can't tell u to have carbon/kevlar body kit.

Have a professional gut your insides and put a nice lookin non-cheap ass body kit (fiberglass) and see if you can find a poly-urethane body kit.

Performance wise plzzz replace the exhaust you will free up loads of torque and

hp by replacing it with a less restrictive one and also have a aftermarket downpipe installed. You could be talkin bout 30-40+hp improvement and it would weight less than the stock dp and exhaust and sound hella nicer also.

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