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Strange Porsche


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Ok, while both of these deface the porsche hallmarks of being nimble, attractive, and powerful, as well as sporty and light (while we're on the subject, did someone mention cayanne?). The limo would be pretty cool. If I were in the market for a limosine, I would want a rear engine porsche over anything else. The minivan is horrible.

Why? WHY?

Porsche has again plans to build a little sportcoupé. If it comes its price isgoing to be under E 30.000. It's going to be based on the Cayenne. I have an image of it, but it's in a magazine. It's a very nice concept. It has the shape of a Mercedes C Sportcoupe and it has the rear lights of a 996 (but a little modified). The front lights are more like the ones from a new Mini Cooper.

I wonder how fast it would go. By the way, my DAD has the 456M he posted al the vids to you. Not that you think I was lying (how do you write this??? :oops: ) about the cars I've driven and so on. My dad really is a car fan, just like me.

I have no doubt in your integrity. I don't know how fast the porsche limo would go. Lets see - if a regular porsche goes 0-60 in 5 seconds, maybe the limo would do it in 10? I want to know how the convertible top works on that thing?

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have you guys heard about the 2 door hatch back thats gonna take on the Alfa Romeo 147 and the VW Golf 4, the only reason Posche is doing this is Bcoz of Beema's plans to release the 1-series which this new Porsche will be up against...

:oops: I' don't know how to put pictures here so i could show you :oops:

OK I admit I don't like the Van much, and the limo is definitey an eye-sore, but would you people stop it with the Cayenne-hating already? It's a helluv'a powerful SUV that rips. 450HP is not only enough to take you to nature, but it's also probably enough to send nature into orbit.... You gotta admit that's cool. And to be honest, I like the looks of the Cayenne. Of course the rear is better than the front because the front is a little bit too much focused on the air-intake....


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