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mercedes CLK GTR


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i only wanted to tel you that i was the chosen one

to see a CLK GTR!!!!! :o:o:o:o:o

I went last week to Monako,it was great i saw a lot of ferraries.

the merce. stood right in front of the casino, the car was so beautifull.

when i reached the casino i coulded believe my eyes :roll: :roll:

there he stood so powerfull so expensive at that time you could hear my hartbeat i sweaded i coulded believe it !!!

can somebody tell me how many GTR there are????


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I actually REALLY like it. It could be like a super-car or something! Or could've been....

I hope it can actually reach 400KPH (which is as far as it's speedometer goes).

I'm posting these because the pics of the red one weren't that good. It looks better in silver. I mean the red's good but not as good as the silver. Here's a plethora of images:

























And here's a normal one, if you're getting sick of the GTR:


By the way, on the GTR, look at the doors. I'll give you a medal if you can get in and out of that thing.

I don't think that's the best Mercedes they ever made.

To tell you the truth I'd love to take that thing to the streets! Race those little kids with the pointy hairs and their tweaked out Civics and all that try-hard-ness! Hehehe!

I don't have the price on the GTR at all. Even the price of the normal CLK is location-based (for example I don't know how much the average Merc costs in Eindhoven). I have no clue about this one. Sorry GIR. You can ask someone with expertise in the market who can give you prices off the top of his head.

Well here in NL we have the lowest catalog prices of the world. But because of a new car tax of 42,5% the difference is gone. Most german people buy their cars here in NL because they can get the tax back. For example the catalog price of a CL55 is 110k euro's (without tax), but with tax it goes upto 190k euro's.

Yes we have to pay higher taxes but in return we get a good infrastructure. With european unification all countries have to settle on one tax model. So I'm hoping the taxes on new cars will drop very soon.

europe is moving toward economic unification, which will yield a new sort of world power. it will be interesting to see. It will be in a way too bad though, there are so many unique, efficent, and interesting systems in place in europe. 190k is a huge amount for that car. Here in the US, sub 130k all together - and a euro is more or less equal to a USD.

Yes I know. In germany the catalog price is also 130k euro's, yes you actually save 20k if you'd buy the car here without taxes. The high envoirment, road and car taxes have been a point of debate for many years. Everybody agree's on that it has to go but how?

The government has worked out a plan where by 2006 we will move to a variable system. All the current taxes would be dropped in phases and highways/roads will be fitted with electronic transponders which would allow the government to track how much and where you have driven.

I say we move to a variable system because it seems more sensible to me. My mother has a Suzuki Alto and she uses that car just to drive round town. She doesn't use the highways that much and she doesn't create a big impact on the envoirement. So it would make sense that she would pay less taxes. But she is bound to the same taxes I am.

The new electronicaly tracked system would mean lower car prices and cheaper gas. But it would also mean that you'd get a bill from the government at the end of each month.

If the government would decide to drop all the taxes and suddenly introduce the new system it would mean a chaos on the market. The 42.5% tax you have to pay for a new car wouldn't be there anymore so the prices of current second hand cars would drop dramaticly. Also the 10 billion euro of tax the government receives wouldn't be there anymore.

Anywayz lets see where this all goes. Up until now the euro only has been a pain in the arse for me.

I'd really rather not comment on a system (or sub-systems) I know almost nothing about.

Just one thing really interests me though: Countries like Germany ad France that have always wanted to rip each other to pieces are beginning to be friendler and friendler, be it in business and government relationships, or in border-managemtnt and trade and what not, or in the relationship between their peoples). That's quite an achievement. Those two have historically been enemies so it's nice to see them agree on everything and get along so nicely. Much like Iran and Greece: they fought for 4000 years (the longest war in the History of Human Civilization), but nowadays Iran and Greece are very friendly allies of one-another, and their people love each other too. It's this kind'a thing that makes opportunities pop out of nowhere, and prices and taxes drop/disappear. Maybe that's what you're seeing in Europe in the near-future, GIR.


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