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Help me create a US RS6 sedan!


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It's obvious that it'll be awhile until anyone sees a US version of the RS6 sedan, and in any event I'm not patient enough to wait. I have a 98 A8 now but am tiring of its sheer bulk. The BMW M5 would be nice but I need to keep the AWD as I drive up to the local mountains in the winter. What sounds the best to me is the A6 4.2 but I'd also like to have a manual transmission in it. Anyone know if it's possible to put a manual gearbox in the A6 4.2 Quattro? If so, which one? Once you do that you could play with the suspension and wheels to end up with a pretty cool car. Anyone have any ideas on this? TIA.

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  • 2 Monate später...

The stock audi A6 2.7 turbo quattro with the six speed manual runs 0-60 in 6.0 - which is faster than the 4.2L. There are many manufacturers of performance ECU chips for that engine - for about 1000 dollars, you can place in that chip (inserts similar to a plugging in a nighlight) - that chip will increase the turbo boost (by decreasing wastegate) and make the fuel maping and ignition mapping more agressive. Coupled with a more agressive intake (cold air) - you could expect to get 350hp. Now if it runs 0-60 at 3700lbs with 250 hp in 6.0, with 350 - it should do it in the low 5s. Good enough. It will only cost you - maybe 2500 dollars (exhaust, intake, and ECU)

how that?

the stock 2.7T sells for 38000 (just for reference)

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  • 2 Monate später...

Thanks for planting the seed that you did. I traded for a 2001 ming blue 2.7 turbo six speed today. Is there anywhere good to go to see what other people have discovered about the various chip/intake/exhaust options so I can learn from others' experience? It already has the sports suspension, what are people's thoughts as to whether or not this setup needs to be boosted further? I found that APR company on the web (www.goapr.com) and they were pushing this "bi-pipe throttle body" upgrade. Does anyone have any experience with this? Now that I have the car I'll start digging in more, but I'm also hoping that I can benefit from the diggers that have gone before me!

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The 2.7 is a great platform to start from. The sports suspension is actually very good on that model, though I would replace the tires, as you will find your tires will give up before the suspension does. Perhaps a better set of shocks and springs wouldn't hurt, but are in no way neccesary for good handling.

Since you are already running bi-turbo, I would advise you to first look into ECU upgrades. They are relatively affordable (say 1,000 dollars) - and can give you between 30-50 hp. I am sure you know how they work by advancing fuel and spark timing - and increasing turbo boost. If you select one of these, you must run 93 octane fuel.

Also, look into a new air intake (say a K &N Cold air or Cone air setup) - those are usually good for 15-20hp - and can be had for less than 200 dollars.

The dual pipe throttle bore has special advantages with the 2.7BiTurbo engine. If you plan on exacting a lot power - one of these would be good.

A high performance Borla exhaust would not only give you greater than 10 horsepower - but would give you a sporty sound - to go with the performance of the car.

Also - there are computer modification chips availible for the Quattro system - if you really want some aggresive handling - this will make the car handle completely differently.

Also - for some really amazing power - look into means to increase efficency on the intercoolers of the 2.7T. If you are really interested in killer performance - and are willing to spend for it - new intercoolers would give a nice boost.

A lower thermostat for the cooling system is advisable too - this will keep the engine well within control. My experience in turbo tuning is with volvos, but I am sure that an Audi turbo car heats up just like any other. Any weight savings measures you see fit would definately help out a bit.

It sounds like you are going to have a hell of a fun car on your hands.

Best of luck

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Oh, one last thought!

The 6 speed on the A6 has a pretty nice amount of go left in it. I would expect you could run to 350 without having to seriously worrying. I would although considder a better clutch (it is AWD after all) - one of those would do a lot of good. A good strong clutch with some slip in it would be ideal here (BMW used a bit of a trick by utilizing a higher slip clutch for M5's 6spd - so it does work).

The Autobox will have no trouble - you can push that nearly forever before having trouble. Keep in mind that it will although loose torque converter efficency as you get into extremely high horsepower numbers.

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  • 5 Monate später...

I don't think the RS6 has got a quatro option.. or does it?


Yes it does :)

PDF File with all the specs. (I wish all the manufacturers would publish pdf files like that).


Type: Permanent quattro® 4-wheel drive, automatic self-locking Torsen centre differential, electronic differential lock EDL via braking action on all driven wheels

Clutch: Hydraulic torque converter with slip-controlled torque converter lockup clutch

Transmission: Tiptronic (5-speed automatic shift)

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GIR, it does have a Quattro option, but I guess you already found out yourself. In fact I don't think there is one without Quattro.

And Fox, that's about the only thing that sucks about being Canadian (well, that and like one or two more things). But I'd stil rather be Canadian than any-other-place-ian. :D

Edit: Oh yeah, and don't even try to make fun of Canadians when you live in ! :cry::( :x :evil:

It's tired and pointless to try to make fun of a country that has no real enemies, and only has a population of 32Mil.. Besides how would you feel if I made fun of the U.S.? :)

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Bring your Audi to MTM and they'll uncap it and tune it for you.


also check these out:




These movies were ofcourse made with a profesional driver, but they show you how good the quattro preforms.



Audi TT with 2 engines!! 371 KM/H!! Ice in the air intake!!

Oh izzyloveslizzy just to make you feel better:

<thepolarfoxqx: c'mon now, if you want to insult the US, fine, just don't use offensive language>

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Yeah but I don't want to get into a heated "insult-fest" with anyone. And besides there would be many other reasons to insult the U.S..... I could go on and on forever, and even if I felt like insulting the U.S. there would simply be too many things to say and too little time! :P

Anywho Fox is a cool guy, and just because he made one comment doesn't really mean anything. I respect the guy and I'm not gonna insult anyone on a forum when it has nothing to do with the forum's topic.

Anyhow, I'd like to get back to normal car discussions (unless anyone else has any comments to make about that). we'll leave the insults for someone who deserves to be insulted.

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yeah, i live in minnesota, which is, more or less, american canada.

I was poking fun at that you don't get nice cars like RS6.

That and the whole ending sentance with "eh" thing.

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Which sentence did I end with "eh", eh? LOL! Anyway I think you need to come up here and see what Canada's like, first.

And so what that we don't get the RS6 (actually I admit it sucks), but you could modify the car's "bumpers" a bit and take it to the road! Heheh! Besides it's not like I'd ever buy an RS6 (I don't think). If I was gonna a buy a crazy Audi I'd go for the S3, the Avantissimo, or the Pikes Peak, or an S8. Maybe even an S6 or S4. And if you saw the picture of the Audi TT "LowRider", I think I'd go for something like that too! (If it was ever made).

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  • 2 Wochen später...

LOL! Hehe! Don't make ME COME DOWN THERE! Actually in all seriousness if you ever decide to come up here for a visit you're most welcome. I'll show you around the place. I'd gladly welcome a visit by anyone. Roland was etlling me he may come to Vancouver again and I told him the same thing. You're all welcome. Hehe, almost sounds like I own the city or something, eh! Oops, there I go again. :lol:

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  • 1 Jahr später...

There are some facts that have been over looked in your conversation:

The 2.7t does not have the wide body kit already on it as does the 4.2...a fact that would run around 3000 US to relieve.

Also, the 4.2 has 300 HP compare to the 250 of the 2.7t. The $.2 has been in the Audi S cars from as early as the mid 90's only in Europe in the S4 and S6. It is easily modified.

However, it does not come with a manual transmission option. I fact that I am not sure can be remedied but believe it should be.

The 4.2 is heavier by a two to three hundred pounds.

Finally, I have seen all of these cars. The 4.2 is beautiful with it's flare treatment and most resembles the Rs6. The 2.7t is a sleeper and looks a little like 'mom's audi'.

Well I hope this helps.

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  • 1 Monat später...


chip- giac x(93 octane, will self tune until 98 octane) if you get big turbos go with the giac xr or xrr. they are both 100 octane programs, but with big turbos, and more fuel you can run them on 93.

exhaust- pick one

clutch- i say oem rs4 because they are having serious problems wit the SPEC clutches right now

turbos- ko4/16 its a regular ko4 hotside, with a k16 compressor wheel.

lightning green top injectors

if you have a hitachi maf then you woul use an 03 cobra maf, bosch you need a 745 maf

you now have yourself a homemade 500+hp kit.


*edit* holy crap.... this post is from soo long ago, i feel like such a noob.

i saw it at the top of the list, i figured it was new-ish. i didnt go digging for it. i forgot there isnt a lot of traffic on this site :oops:

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