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Bugatti Driveline


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Is anyone familiar with the internal machinations of the Veyron's AWD driveline? I'm familiar with the EB110's torque split methodology and even have the patent drawings, but nothing on the 16-4. Also, anyone know the U.S. dealership contact info?

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Im realy intrested in this too i heard various of romours. The old EB110 has a fantastic driveline but dont think the new Bugattis use any of its tech.

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bugatti's usually use 1 or 3 torsen differentails. they were the first to use 3 in one car. :eek:

it is unbeleivable what the effect they have on a car.

AUDI uses a torsen in the center called "quattro" and same with VW its called "4motion"

i am 95% sure that the veyron and other new bugattis use 3 torsens

the torsen has the highest torque baissing ratio of all diffs

so the AWD (4WD) on bugattis are amazing all 4 wheels have traction at all times

i know my stuff my grandfather invented it and our company sold the torsen to Zexel.


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First off, the Haldex is a good system, but it can get abrupt (viscous coupling does that), that said it is very very efficent. By the way, to Torsen, you know who uses a system similar to the one you describes (3 diffs), one at the front, one at the back, the other in the center - Jeep Grand Cherokee - it uses a gerator pump system to transfer torque, and while it may not have the keen sense the Torsen does, in testing, the Daimler Chrysler Tri-Gerator Pump system was faster than the Torsen employed in audis quattro (the AllRoad was tested). Just interesting that the bugatti uses the same system. It is efficent, but think about this - the tripple system allows up to 100% of the engines torque (922ft./lb.) to be transfered to one wheel if the traction gets loose - imagine that. None of the technology from the 110 is carried over, as VW only bought the name, the 16/4 rides on the new Audi/Lamborghini supercar platform (so the chasis is similar to that in murciealego (sp). The dissadvantage of this system (at least in the theory - and in practice in the lambo) you have a greater delay, say if you are passing over a slick patch - or going into a corner, it must transfer torque first throught the center diff, then at the ends. This doesn't matter much in the lambo because the torque doesn't come on unti high, and unless you are travelling slowly at high rpms, you wouldn't notice any traction loss from delay. The Veryon on the other hand is making peak torque by 2200. I have heard rumors that all three differentials will be linked together by a CAN network within the car, syncronizing their torque transfer, greatly decreasing any delay, and making transitions very smooth. We will see what gets employed when the final version debuts. I am fully confident that however they design it, it will work very well.


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