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Lowering my '95 ///M3 story (from hell???)


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I figured I'd share my brutal lowering story for other M3 and BMW enthusiasts to read (and hopefully learn from!).

I own a '95 M3: You can see it by clicking here.

Okay here it goes:

I decided to lower the vehicle right after I purchased it, I felt it sat to high. So I read up & asked a few people what I should use. Most people said to use the Eibach Sport springs - so I did. We slapped them on and lowered the lift down & checked it out. It definately didn't sit the way I wanted it to, so I figured okay maybe I need to let it settle for a while. A month later the car looked the same (the front of the car was actually a bit higher than the rear - it looked silly). So I search the inet & read up further on some H&R springs.

People suggested the H&R Sport springs - so I order them & slap them on. I of course figure these will do it. Lowered the lift & saw that the car sat normal now but not low enough for my liking. I figured okay, I'll let it settle for a couple of weeks. It stayed the same.

So finally, I bought the H&R Race springs & slapped them on. After lowering the lift the car looked AWESOME! The H&R Race springs were exactly what I was looking for!

Yes, I even sneak into the garage every now & then to check it out - that's when you truly know you are a car nut!

Hope this story helps a few people out in the future, I know I would have loved to read this before doing all I went through!!

Take care and don'e make the same mistakes as I did!!


My car after all said and done:

<center><a href="http://www.showyourcar.com/rate/¤t_car=6">


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