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M3 a superior car over competitors?


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Hello from Sweden to all car crazy people!

I have owned a couple of fast cars the past three years. They go like this: BMW M3 97 Sedan SMG, BMW M3 98 Cabrio Manual, Mercedes C43 AMG 98, Audi S8 98 and currently I own a 2000 Audi S4 sedan.

Now, I must say that the bimmer M cars are far more fun to drive than the Audi S and MB AMG. I am a big fan of the inline 6 engines BMW makes, the best in the world. The response from the engine is so exact and fast. If I would live in a country where there is not snow covering the tarmac 3 - 4 months a year I would probably have the E46 M3 not the MB because I like manual. I have driven the E46 M3 a couple of times and I have to say that I am mighty impressed of what BMW has achieved.

For some reason I have "matured" if you can say so and actually prefer the AUDI S cars due to there very safe behaviour during bad road conditions. I know that most of you will say that the S4 is not as sporty as the M3, thats true.

What is your opinion? 4wd Audi S? Automatic MB AMG?

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Hi Gunnar.

Nice car list. I think everything depends on how many you are in a family. Well i wouldnt like sitting in the back of a coupe for a long trip. Most people with M3s dont drive their cars during winter season. If you want a realy funny car to drive go for a 911. But if you want to use a real sportcar for daily use(even under winter season) i think awd is quite good. Both Mercedes and BMW have nice antispin systems but awd is nice during winter. You havent been thinking of any rally cars?. I think with the Mitsu Evo cars you will have a fast car, safe car and a funny car during all seasons.

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I went for a ride in the old C36 AMG and thought it was comfortable and bloody fast. I have never driven an M3 before but imagine that it would more sporty.

I know someone that lives in Scotland. He sold his 911 (964) for an Audi TT because he wanted safety in the cold, icy winters. (he couldn't afford a Carrera 4)

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i've always said that BMW's are far better than any of its competitors, I drive a volvo s40 at this time and i am quite disappointed, M-B are far too expensive and far under bimmers, maybe audis stand closer to them than any other marque but still, the M3 is five steps ahead of the S4 or even the new C32 AMG

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The C32 has a supercharged 3.2L SOHC V6, 349hp, 332ft./lbs. torque, 6,500rpm redline, and a 0-60 of 4.8 with an automatic 5 speed, comfortable seeting for 4, handling equal to any car of the price range.

The M3 has a naturally aspirated 3.2L Straight Six, DOHC, 333hp, 258ft/lbs torque, 7,900rpms redline. 0-60 of 4.8 with a 6 Speed manual. Comfortable seeting for 4, handling as good as any car for under 50k.

Clearly - in numbers at least, these two cars are very very competitive, the M3 has a wider smoother torque curve, the C32 has wild off the line power like getting hit by a bus.

S4 has a measily 250hp from a DOHC Twin Turbo 2.7L V6. 0-60 in 5.3.

It is not quite on par with M3 or C32

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