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E35 M3 Performane Upgrades Question


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I am in the market for an M3, and have a budget of approximately 30K to spend. Right now I am looking at 96-99 M3 Coupes (and possibly a Sedan), manual tranny. I want to be able to ring quite a bit more HP out of it w/o sacrificing engine life or reliability (this will be my only car, and I plan on keeping it for a while). After driving several, I am satisfied with the stock suspension. I want it to be fast, but with a nice exhaust tone as well (not loud or raspy, just a nice, low tone). I've looking into the Dinan supercharger package, and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations about other companies or packages to look into. BTW, I live just south of Washington, DC.

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E35 think you mean E36?.

In europe M3 got its 3.2l engine 96. Engine is awesome putting out 321hp. I know tuners in europe selling superchargers/turbos for it with alot of power. But that is not legal in all countries. Most companies that are real BMW tuners are in Germany with kind rules. Here in Sweden you can never charge a engine and get it legal. What i think the best is for that car. Buy a good exhaust, new sport filters. Should also release the topspeed limiter of 250km/h and chip the car. This should give 330-350hp from what i heard. If you want to go any longer change the cams to sport. Should give 340-360hp. I dont know about import a euro M3 to the states. I know you got very kind rules there.

The US M3 is like a 328 240hp if im right. I have heard that Dinan got supercharger that gives around 300hp. I dont think that Dinan is as good as G-power, Kelleners, Nowack, Ac-Schnitzer, Hamann and much more. So look for the real german tuners.

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Ecki (from german CP-site) has crashed the engine of his Euro-Z3 M-Coupe. Ask him about tuning, he can give you a very good hint for BMW's Euro-M3 Engine. Let it be! He had an airbox, chiptuning and so on. An expensive experience.

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