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512TR race car project


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I bought a 92 512TR which was crashed at Watkins Glen. Essentially the nose was damaged along with a small hit to the right rear when it spun.

I have already gutted the interior & the car is already at a race shop. They have orders to chop the nose & replace it with a GT1 racing tube frame. I will also b adding fuel cells, a full chrome-moly roll cage, & a Koenig fiberglass body kit. I hope to get the weight down under 3000# & with 500hp she should b a real screamer. My goal is to blow away F40s :smile:

I hope to have her ready by May 2002 for the begining of my race season. I am considering racing in 1 of 3 SCCA classes or possibly EMRA, & of course the Ferrari Club of America, all in the NorthEast of the US. New York, Connecticut, & Pennsylvania primarily

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