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Very nice cars. But i think you pay alot for the name. And what name?. Maserati is one of the most famous racing names in history. I think like 8/10 could identify a 3200gt as a maserati on fast street sight. New v8-bi is awesome heard of chips giving around 450hp to them.

If you plan a web site like this you have to make a lot of decisions. One of it is the size of content. Videos cause a lot of traffic and we have a lot of different user profiles. Not all of them do have DSL lines.

But at the moment we are planning to put all videos in high quality on CD.


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The Spyder (and coupe) feature a silken smooth V8 - 4.24 litres - 385hp - and a cabriocorsa sequential gerabox (sourced from Ferrari). They are naturally aspirated, and turn 0-100kph in under 5.0. Top speeds are around 180. The new Quattroporte is to debut with a 4.5/4.6L V8 - 450hp - essentially are a bored and stroked version of the 4.2 - the same cabriocorsa tranny will be used (hows that - a big luxo sedan without an automatic - it is my dream come true) and should have similar performance numbers as the spyder and coupe. Is it possible the bavarians (well, Mercedes is based in Stuttgart - which is in Baden-Wuternburg - but close enough to Bavaria) will have to play catchup to someone else in the sedan market? (we will have to see what the Quattroporte is like when it comes out for 2004. All initial reports make it sound amazing.

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