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2002 M3 SMG II


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Just got a call from the dealer, said that I can order my M3 next motnh and delivery late november. What conduses me is that was suppose to order december and deliver jan. Is there something wrong here. Does it have anything to do with the WTC incident or the SMG II. I'm from the US. Any input would be great.


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Hyper, I think there is something wrong. At the moment the time between order and delivery is about 1 year.

BTW, did you hear about the production stop of the M3. Read my article in the BMW forum. I think your delivery will move out a couple of months.



I just got another call this morning in regards to ordering my 2002 M3. He left a message, said that I should call him and let him know what option I want and color. He also needs a $1500 deposit which will bring my deposit total to $2000. Why is he so in a rush to get me to order this thing. Something seems fishy becuase I never got a call from him before twic in one week. Strange


It seems as if BMW is very silent around such things.

My dads friend had a 740il (which I may add is my favorite car) and they said he should bring it in, because a item was recalled, but they never told him what was wrong. They even offered a free service on it.

Seems to be very strange. The waiting time of your dealer seems to be wrong.

BTW, deposit???? Why do you have to pay a deposit??? We pay all the money when we get the car.

Nothing has to be paid in advance.


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Any updates on when the production will start again. I'm next on the list to order the 2002 M3 SMG II. I'm suppose to order mid october. Just want to know how much longer I have to wait.



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