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Roland, a question about the M3


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Regarding the new V8 M3 you can hear a lot of speculations. The first time I heard of the V8 version is now 1.5 years ago. At that time a person from the upper BMW management told me they are not sure if they will bring out a V8 version. A V8 engine was already implemented in a M3. 4 weeks later the V8 plans died.

Now 1.5 years later it is an issue again. You have to know, the management of car manufacturer change their plans daily. The latest infos I have is a release date of beginning of 2003. From my point of view an earlier date makes no sense because BMW doesn't want to make the owners of the current M3 angry (me included, hihi).

BTW, the V8 plans are one thing but the other news for the upcoming M3s are the plans for the modified 6 cylinder M3. At the moment I know of a modified engine coming out end of 2003 (around 380hp). They have to do this because BMW is really not satisfied with the current 3.3 litre engine especially with the torque. Due to the tough schedule it was just a expedient.


Wow, thanks Roland.

I like the idea of making a higher hp M3 engine, and 380 sounds great.

I didn't know that they were thinking about the V8 1.5 years ago, damn, because I just heard about it this year, hehe.

And you have a great car man. I love the M3 to death.

The 380hp was my expectation for the current M3. Now I have to wait 2 additional years.

From my point of view 23hp difference between the E36 and the E46 was not what M3 drivers expected. They already had 35hp more between the 3.0 and the 3.2 litre (E36) engine. This was quite good.

Anyway we have to wait for a more powerful M3.


Yes you are right. Our old E36 (3.2 litre) M3 had 321hp from factory. The new E46 has 343hp. From my point of view this is not a big thing.

The new US M3 has less hp than the Euro M3 due to the tougher emission restrictions.


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Hi Kew,

at the moment I've only the new M3 and a MB A190. But right now I'm looking for a new toy. Maybe the Diablo GT or something like that. Let's see.

Now I'm 30 years old and I had the luck to drive a lot of cars in my life. I guess about 30 cars.


Just saw a TV test with a Porsche 996 gt2. Im so impressed fastest stockcar on Nordschleife and looked realy funny to drive. I think all cars are allready listed.

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