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Fred Banane


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Fred Banane
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Hey! Gibt(gab) es eigenlich von Lamborghini auch solche Einzelanfertigungen wie z.b. aktuell den Ferrari P4/5?:-?

Der P4/5 hat ja happich Geld gekostet:-o

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Fred Banane

Kool!!gibts auch daten?:-))!


Schau mal auf lambocars.com! :wink:

Fred Banane

Wurden da auch welche an Privatleute verkauft? Beim P4/5

ist das ja dieser James Glockenhaus (Alle angaben ohne Gewehr:D )


Mustang with Lamborghini Gallardo V10

This obviously is not your typical Mustang GT rollin’ down the street. No this Mustang has a mid-engine 520 HP V10 from a Lamborghini Gallardo. John Haugh created this hybrid and kept the AWD, 6 speed paddle shifting transmission, Lambo dash, seats, and most of the interior. John reported that the Mustang only took him a year to complete which is really amazing seeing how much work it would take for this creation.


Its seems many take offense to ripping the heart our of a $180K European sports car and putting it in an American car. I would assume the owner did it because he could but also to have some totally different then anything on the face of the earth.

Being a Mustang enthusiast means holding your resolve through thick and thin. Sometimes, it pays off. As enthusiasts, we were delighted to see the Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang at SEMA 2007. That’s right—“Lamborghini” and “Mustang” just appeared in the same sentence, dear readers. What's more, I think the two words have a little ring to them when spoken back-to-back-- but I doubt it's something we should ever expect to get used to.

The Italian stallion’s beauty is less an issue of practicality and more a great example of sheer enthusiasm at its finest. The car was done by one John Haugh from Cleveland, Ohio, who, it appears, took a 520 horsepower, mid-engine V-10 Lamborghini Gallardo and decked out its exterior with Mustang body panels. Instead of simply slapping several kits together, Haugh’s artistic vision of this unlikely collaboration is, itself, a nod to Italian exoticism.


Take a look at its rear end, and you’ll find the Gallardo taillamps complimenting the massive honeycomb mesh venting, giving spectators a look into the Lambo hardware. Lamborghini brake calipers? Really?

Haugh’s flawless work on the exterior only continued within, as he combined the Lamborghini dash assembly and premium seating with the Mustang door panels. Not one inch of the Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang was left untouched.

According to TheMustangNews, Haugh is an Italian car enthusiast whose collection of Ferraris and Lamborghinis has certainly never seen the likes of the Tractorri. He claims the masterpiece took him “just under a year” to complete and he drives it “regularly.” We only wished our daily drivers looked this sweet! Thanks to John Haugh for making such a contribution to the Mustang community!


hmmm, das heißt jetzt bestimmt, das irgendwo ein Mustang mit ner Gallardo-Karosserie rumfährt.... :???:

Es ist mit Sicherheit eine tolle Arbeit, aber leider kann ich diese überhaupt nicht nachvollziehen.


Ich würds jetzt auch nicht unbedingt wollen, aber gut umgesetzt.

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