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BMW M5 (e 60) tested by Ungarin guy!

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Tiroler Bua   
Tiroler Bua

Es ist wohl das Vid, in dem der Kameramann die Interieurleiste gleich zerstört, was beide sehr lustig finden... :???:

Edith: Ok, er ist es. Ein Beitrag, der mal etwas vom mitteleuropäischen mainstream abweicht X-) sozusagen.

Da ich des ungarischen selbstverständlich mächtig bin, habe ich es eben mal schnell aus dem Gedächtnis raus übersetzt :wink:

-nein, ein Ungar aus dem www.m5board.com war damals so nett, das zu tun:


Dear mom and dad. It's a great day today. I'm stading here in front

of you with blushing face and silent voice because I want to introduce my love.

The one I feel I can live my whole life with till we die.

Here she is. Maybe she's look is too sharp for a lover. It's also strange that her kidneys are not there

where a normal girl has them. She has them between her eyes. Under that she also have a huge mouth.

She's big. And you, my parents, wouldn't have thought that she has no lung, but has gills on her side.

You may understand my choice when you realize her beautiful legs and her short skirt. That's all.

It's her whole name: BMW M5. And she has a great value: her voice is beautiful.

Go to hell with sentences like those. It has a V-10 engine which is hidden from us. But we know it's beautiful.

(First Cut, airport)

This is my true god damned nightmare. I have to drive on an unknown slalom track.

Here we got to go this way, here this way and find the right shift button which is impossible.

A-ha! I came across a mistake on the car. Yu-he! As to slalom what we found so far that the shift buttons,

which are great to use in straight line (oh, we should go this way), are also turing as we turn the wheel.

So man don't know which one is 'up' and which is 'down'. Mainly right is up, left is down. When we have to

change gear during slalon it worth using the normal gearbox because forward is alwasy down backward is up.

And it doesn't turn everywhere like the stupid wheel.

Second cut, showing the car outside

As we know the M5 will be bought by company directors and they are serious businessmen. But as we also know there is

a child in every middle-aged man or, being less nicer, there is the crazy guy in all of us. Thinking about the crazy guy

there is a launch control built in the M5. Works like this: man pushes 9 different buttons. As a result after pushing all 9 buttons

the gearbox should be pushed forward. While holding the gearbox we can floor it and the car launces when release the gearbox.

Exactly from the rev and the tyre spin which is necessary to reach 0 to 100 in 4.7 sec.

Flooring it and... 3...2...1...start! Woahh...ha...ha....100 God. God! GOD! 150. Eeeek. Changing gears is interesting.

My hear tears off from my neck. 210. Whoa. 240. 245. 261...265. At 268 it doesn't accelerates more. Here is the 300 meter.

(Cameraman: F*ck!) I help him to hold the camera... hahahahha. Sorry, sorry we crashed the dashboard. We killed it indside.

Here this is break power: 1.3G. Being honest we would cause much bigger damage in the M5 if we crash this (the blue M5) at 268.

As to brakes: the break distance from 100 is 36m which is quite short nad the G-force is 1.3G. so the man pushes the belt

with his own weight multiple by 1.3. Let's say for a 100kg man it's 130kg. A half pig would be cut in twice. Lucky we are half

pigs cannot drive the M5. They don't have enough money.


(Cameraman: Do it, Do it! F*ck. F*ck!)

Anything can be done by this car. Anything. It's just crazy. We can do just 70 here. Actualy my speed is 50.

the M5 features a rear axle differential not let all the torque to loose at one wheel.

This is lovely alcantara. This too. This is aluminium. Here it's leather and the whole dashboard is leather.

Not to have watch here while driving at 268 the gears, the sped and the rev is also here.

Gearbox again, most brutal shift-mode nd good old launch control. Floor. Launch. Whaaa. God. 100. It's simply terrible

it's really unbelievable. Just imagine putting a small bread and a bottle of coke on your favourite race-horse- That's actually

3.5kg/horse power equals this car. Unbelevable. I just can't tell you.

For thos who are interested in technics we have 507hp and 520nm torque. 7 gears. The 'holes' are small between gears.

It has got 10 cylinder with individual throttle butterflies standing for the sharpest reactions. Redline is at 8250.

The sport motor of a sports car must be high-reving. My god. They are right.

Let's do it again. So this is the gas not given by me but the electronics when I shift back. And just for this

it's worth it's price no matter how much it costs. As to me I would do 3 weeks of fast which is very unhealthy or even

a cleaning-diet in some terrible weekend wellness hotel.

Yesterday we talked a lot with my stuff if we like the M5. As to me it's almost too good. If we see the very good sport limusine

I say it's very good but I don't want it. But thank god it has crazy options like what you feel when changing gears, it's brutal

sound, how much it wants to go. The aim was not making a car producing 10hp more than a Mercedes but one which has a soul likes

high revs, likes going fast. So because of all this the result: I want this.


Danke "Tiroler Bua" für die Übersetzung! :-))!

Ich habe mich schon gefragt, was der da so lange labbert... :D


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