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TVR ist verkauft worden...

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Blue Highways

Es geht bergab ...

Was ist denn jetzt noch über im Department der "Thoroughbred British Sportscars"? Bristol, Morgan, Noble?


TVR's Peter Wheeler has sold the company to Russian businessman Nikolai Smolenski. The following statement was issued by TVR.

Peter Wheeler today (Tuesday 27th - Ed) sold 100 per cent of the shares of UK car maker TVR to Nikolai Smolenski. Based in the north west of England, TVR is the leading British sportscar manufacturer and is unique among companies of its size in that it designs and manufactures in house its own range of engines to power its spectacularly designed range of sportscars.

The company employs 400 people in Blackpool and new investment in the factory and the technology therein will bring great benefits to both the cars and the workforce.

"I am very enthusiastic about the potential of TVR and am grateful for the opportunity to become a car manufacturer," explains Nikolai Smolenski. "I have always been a fan of British car manufacturing and believe that the best automotive designers and engineers are in this country."

Founded in 1947 and built up over the last 23 years by Peter Wheeler, TVR's profile has grown dramatically over the last ten years. "It's been a fascinating time and I shall be very sad when I eventually leave," said Wheeler earlier today. "However, it's time to hand the reins over to a younger man and I look forward to helping him with his exciting plans."

Peter Wheeler remains on board as a senior consultant overseeing styling and engineering.

Plans to bring the new Sagaris and Tuscan 2 models into production continue unchanged and the first demonstrators of both cars will be arriving in dealerships in the UK, Japan, mainland Europe and South Africa over the next couple of months.


Seht es positiv wenn der Russe mehr Geld investieren kann/will als Wheeler kommt das den Produkten nur zu gute...


Das sehe ich auch so. Solange er nicht anfängt, Großserientechnik zu transplantieren und die Marke unverfälscht britisch lässt, sehe ich als Enthusiast noch lange nicht schwarz.

Immer noch besser als die Ford-Astons oder die BMW-Rolls. :-?

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