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help, no one can help me at the english forum!

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I just ordered a 330d E46 with the Navigation Professional and the Universal Bluetooth Handy carkit.

Please can anyone tell me can I use my SE T68i with this carkit? Because I have heard later, there isn't a snap-in adapter for the T68i yet :( !

Is it possible to use every bluetooth phone without the snap-in?

If I can use the T68i, is it possible to look into the phonebook on the 16:9 Navscreen?



German answer are also welcome!


Hi there!

I think the Ericsson T68i should work with the Blutooth system in your Beemer-of course its wireless....you should see the phonebook on screen as well.....


If i'm not mistaken, every Bluetooth phone can be operated through the Universal Bluetooth Carkit, i.e. you can make/recieve calls with it. However, if you want to operate your phone through the MID/steering wheel controls/Navigation System, and if you want to transfer your phonebook to the carkit memory, a BMW compatible phone is necessary. If you don't have a BMW compatible phone, i reckon the only way of operating it is through the phone itself ... which is kind of not the idea of a Bluetooth carkit. :wink:

I don't know for which phones BMW makes adapters yet, but your BMW dealer will answer that question in no time.

I've put the BMW manual for Bluetooth phones on my webspace (.pdf), it doesn't state which phones are BMW compatible, but you can already look around and see what the BMW Kit can do. ;)


Greetz !

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