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Loaded @ Nordscheife, Nurburgring in Germany


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The first test is done to brake record on the Nurburgring Nordscheife.

My M3 CSL did 7:20 min, 20,833 km lap. :-))!


This is the best drive BMW ever done on this track with a streetcar.

Std M3 CSL with Hans joacim Stuck 7:50 min

Lemans X5 v12 600hp Hans Joacim Stuck 7:49 min

We did 320 km/h at Autobahn with more to get. The Supercharger did some great job. We have run the SC in the car for 10500 km and with NO problem.

Here is some pics from last week in Nurburgring.

Here you see the car just before a long 4wheel jump at Wippermann corner.


Here you see the car in lineup before examendrive at the Scuderia Hanseat course.


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yes its cristal clear that our tuning done great improvement. its sad do, that all my updates i have sent to carpassion.com is not publish yet. pics and movies etc. Soo i have to use this forum to let u guys know :wink2:

lol, the famous wing. Notice how nothing with actual track performance has one. The only time a wing makes your car do anything that much better is when it is standing still. Aerodynamics should be innate to a cars design, and glueing fins on isn't the answer. Well, unless it's like a boeing.

WTG on your CSL Gladiator. I wasn't the first to be notified of your track days :evil: but you've posted the stuff anyway.

Congrats on your time of the fastest BMW street driven machine.

The car looks awesome especially without that wing ;):-))!

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Hallo Gladiator,


schau doch mal hier zum Thema Zubehör für BMW (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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And all it's had is a regular oil change, uh huh. I'm sure that car will last 100,000 miles. Speed is easy, longevity takes work. A standard CSL will be around long after yours has bitten the dust. Take the Loaded car on an extended endurance run, throttle to the floor, instead of pussy footing around with the occasional power spurt, and it would bust a gut. Good luck before it blows up, so impractical. :bored:


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