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I aspire to be a well rounded motor enthusiest, so I should get into bikes. Two wheeled transportation is inherantly fun. I wouldn't mind having a Buell XB12S Lightning, or Firebolt. And an MV Agusta F4 1000S for when I want to kick it Euro style :D .

I have noticed a lot of Jap bikes are really fast, but everybody has one. I get the feeling that Euro bikes are very soulful machines, which is very important to me - you can feel the parts moving, and they require more of the rider, in turn giving back a lot of feel. Like a Ducatti might not be the fastest, but it's probably an incomparable blast to ride. Plus, Italian bikes especially, are very beautiful.

without a doubt ducatti is one of the best motorcycles that ever set wheel on the planet. but they are like ferrari, or lamborghini... they arent daily drivers, they require a lot of maintenence, and a lot of money ( compared to other bikes, bot compared to cars)

i would love to ride a ducatti, but i love my yamaha just as well. i love the F1 sound my bike makes at 16,000 rpm. a ducatti cant do that.

I don't know much bout bikes and i don't even know how 2 drive one.

I'd take the Suzuki Hayabusa or the 1300 special edition of it.

Those r beautiful to me and the fastest bikes in production.

Saw the guy with the Turbo 'busa and the whole vid was sweet.

all of the busa's are 1300cc. there isnt a special edition. those bikes are probably the worste bike to ride ever. they are around twice the weight of normal street bikes and they handle very poorly. they are pretty much a drag bike. very fast

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Hayabusas' have always struck me as very chunky, unattractive looking bikes. The MV Agusta I mentioned, tops out at over 186 mph. and it's an I-4. Most high end sport bikes these days are going to be pretty fast, and will feel even faster. I've heard that the Ducatti Desmodromic valves need frequent tuning, but I wouldn't be riding a motorcycle every single day anyway.

I like the stacatto beat of the V-twin, they make a lot of low end torque too. Listening to a 16,000 rpm 4 I think would grate on my nerves after a while.

* MV Agusta F4 ...


* Buell XB12S Lightning ...


Listening to a 16,000 rpm 4 I think would grate on my nerves after a while.

trust me it doesnt :lol: . it gets better every day. that MV is amazing. my buddy is getting one like that in black, he lives in FL but he brings his toys up to NJ for the summer. i ride with him a lot. he had a suzuki tl1000. i say this is a good upgrade :o

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That was not me my brother logged in on my name and wrote that,

my brother is kevin321 he has no car no nothing.

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