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Mini Cooper S


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is it anything to brag about?

:lol: not really its ugly as sin and its a SUPERcharged I-4 only rated at 163hp.

Even with its range of 2678lbs and most likely be a 16.2-16.5 sec 1/4 mile car its not even worth mentioning.

The most fully deluxed Cooper S is only $25,000.

For that much just get a fully decked out dodge neon srt-4 and have near the same room.

i thought it was supercharged.

anyway its not meant for the straightline crowd. i saw one at an autox event, with racing rims and tires, thats it, and it was doing extremely well. it wouldnt take much to get more power out of the engine. mongrel, you know how easy it is to upgrade an engine thats already supercharged. i know its only 1.6l which is less than 100ci but seriously new pulleys could give it something right?

i guess if one really knew what they were doing with it, it could be worth bragging about...

i thought it was supercharged.

it is.

For that much just get a fully decked out dodge neon srt-4 and have near the same room.

why would someone want a dodge product? :-?:D

ever since they have come out again, i thought there were pretty cool looking, but never knew anything about it

The new Mini Cooper is still a young car, so they may be a little conservative in sporting it up. Somewhere down the road, we'll see where they take it.

I like it, I would take one over a New Beetle Turbo S any day. It's a bit cheaper, much more destinctive and artful, a little better on gas ( although nothing spectacular ) and provides more head room, despite being nearly 3 inches lower than the VW. I don't tire of seeing them on the road. I think it will age better than the Beetle.

You could have an SRT/4 for about the same money, but that is American in your face, as opposed to Euro cool. They all have their place, little cars are more entertaining than they have been in years.

HAMANN SPORTKIT CS4 for Mini Cooper S. Performance tuning to about 211 hp / 155 kW. Torque increase about 45 Nm. V/max 229 km/h. Consisting of: Recalibrating of the ECU, modified supercharger transmission-ratio, sports air filter, HAMANN sports exhaust manifold, HAMANN sports pre-muffler including sports metal-bed catalyst and HAMANN sports rear silencer.

Generally most tuners are generating very similar torque figures with ranges in power from 195-210bhp. John Cooper Works have yet to announce their final 'Works package' for the Cooper S but from initial reports it sounds like it will have the most substantial modifications.

"The alterations will include fitting a new head to the Brazilian-made 1.6-litre powerplant from the standard Cooper S. This will be gas-flowed and the car's supercharger features modified turbine blades to improve boost.

An induction kit and a freer-flowing, large-bore sports exhaust will be added, while the engine management system will be reprogrammed."

there is also a 240hp kit in the works for around 3 grand.

the handling on the mini cooper S is as tight as i've felt in a FWD car, i mean it just rails. The handling and euro-coolness of it alone would easily see me into a mini before a neon. in fact, i think most people who buy mini cooper S's don't even considder the SRT4, they are just different market segements. With the John Cooper Works package, it is pretty damn spritely too.

i don't care for how it looks either. I expected it to dissapoint me, and it didn't. It handles well and is fairly quick. It's also tiny, ugly, and has minimal practicality.

Also, i can just imagine getting broadsided by an F-350 driving a car like that. I don't even know he'd know he hit me.

I wouldn't buy one, but i think the performance is impressive for what it is.

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i dont know, i kinda like it. i wish it was rear engine rwd drive though. but all the cool little features like the glass roof and supercharger make it a pretty nice little car. haha i could see my mom in one of them.

i couldn't see mine, but ok.....

The original coopers were front engine front drive, that is what seperated them in concept from a beetle.

The original ones had much better steering and were pretty cool (though hella slow)

Which Smarts are you refering to, the City-cars, or the Roadster? Those cars are all really cool. MB wants to market a Smart mini-SUV in the U.S. I wish they would just market the real thing, we do drive other things besides SUVs' in the U.S. MB, HEL-LO :roll: !

that's histerical. They are going to take some people by suprise.

I know a guy totally rebuilding the frame of a '71 beetle. He is going to place a twin turbo GM 350 crate motor in there, and equip it with nitrous.

Sick doesn't begin to describe it.

I know a guy totally rebuilding the frame of a '71 beetle. He is going to place a twin turbo GM 350 crate motor in there, and equip it with nitrous.
a 350 alone would be great, but that is insane, insane.. you better get pics of that! that is amazing! its going to have the biggest problem with traction. damn. yea, speachless :o

EDIT: that is so crazy im wondering whether your joking or not.

uh, no. not kidding.

He is putting huge rear tires on it and rebuilding the frame. The body will be beelte, but that is about it. We are still looking for transimission/diff to handle it. The guy asked me if i knew where to get one, i told him maybe one off some sort of porsche could fit and would handle it, but rear engine is hard to get parts for.

all i have to say is "i'm glad i'm not doing it". It will be niether fun nor easy, but i know it's possible, i've seen it done before. Just not with NOS and twin turbo, but oh well. He said he'd let me drive it when he finished, whenver that ends up being. It sure as hell will be cool. He wants to keep it pretty stock looking.

christ, if ever there were a sleeper.

Yeah right, and my password is chicken mcnugget. I think he can forget about that ever being a sleeper. The huge tires and thundering V8 exhaust I think will give it away before it ever pulls up to the light :D .

haha i was thinking about that. first i was like well he can muffle the hell out of the exaust with numerout mufflers and glasspacks. then i was like... where would he put them! space is going to be an issue for that one.


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