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I know i dont have the top end benz im sorry :( , but my parents did just buy me a new 03 black C32 AMG from the dealer im prob the only 19 year old in my city with one, it's fast but not fast enough i saw at http://www.renntechmercedes.com/ u can up the displacement from 3.2 liters to 3.8 would that make my car faster and how do i get the electronically limited top speed off? Sorry i dont know much about cars Thanks

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Dipp, there is nothing to be sorry about, you should take your free AMG, enjoy it and do something else with your money. You would probably have no use for a " tuner car " if you don't know much about cars anyway. You would probably be best to stick with factory reliablity. But if you really want to get it tuned, Renntech could definitely do it for you, and probably take the limiter off too.

Renntech's 3.8 conversion would make your car faster, but it's a lot of money, i would push the C32 to your limits now, and once you feel the car can no longer keep up with you, then go for it. Stock a C32 is a damn good performer, i just think you should wait till you feel you've gotten to the end of what the C32 can do first.


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