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512TR and 512M


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Well, from what I can tell, the 512TR and 512M is basically a Testarossa at its' core.

The Testarossa evolved into the 512TR in 1991. It differed from the rossa by it's new more integrated and aerodynamic styling, which included round foglamps, fixed headlamps behind lexan covers, a redesigned under tray, and round tail lamps replacing the destinctive square ones of the Testasossa.

The 512TR evolved into the 512M in 1995. M standing for " Modificato " or " Modified ". The engine was made lighter with the use of forged aluminum pistons, titanium connecting rods, a revised crankshaft, and a redesigned exhaust system among other improvements.

So essentially, the 512TR and 512M are just evolutions of the Testarossa.


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