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2003 CLK 55 AMG, beauty of AMG

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This car is literally beautiful. You have to be nuts not to see the sleek, prefect lines, that is not that agressive, but not subtle at all. This engine making 362 hp and 376 pounds of torque is the beauty of a naturally aspirated AMG. I think that the CL 600 and 55 is beautiful, but it feels to heavy inside, headlights not as nice as CLK, its top seems like they decided to throw on a hard top instead of a planned cabriolet, and of course offensively expensive. The 2004 BMW 6 series (which these are these final spy shots)



are just too agressive and and sharp, too much like a 7/Z4 series mix (which does not look that nice) and have a considerable gap between the 325 hp 645Ci and the M6 (500-550hp) also mentioning the offensive prices of both of these cars.

I believe to maximize the beauty of a coupe is slight aggressivness, but exremely elegant at the same time. This crazy lookin bimmer woulde be something a 18-25 year old person would want, and those ages tend not to have 160-190 thousand dollars canadian to spend. in conclusion, the CLK 55 AMG is a truly magnificent car, not ridiculosly expensive, not overpowed, roomy interior, but natural aspriation just makes the car seem like it earned its horsepower, not just decided tlo cheatg and make a short cut. But do not mistake, i am n ot saying any of these cars suck, the are truly awesome, pure european cars, but this is just my personal preference. finally, to add... i tend to liek semi automatic, and ud understand if u lived in edmonton, alberta!!!

(by the way, how do u make a poll?)

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no one doubts that a CLK55 is a work of art both artistically and mechanically. There is word from BMW about a 5/6 series sport model (a retuned V8 good for around 400hp give or take) to fill the gap between 645 and M. It will be a good comparison when the bimmer comes out. Right now, I would say that BMW has a challenge to overcome with Mercedes.

amen to that.

for being german cars, bmws have always had really low roofs.

Perhaps these newer bimmers will finally make passenger spaces that are habitable for taller drivers.

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Is it me or does this 6-Series strangely resemble the Z9? And whatever happened to the Z9 anyway? And when's the Z5 coming out? And wasn't this 6-Series supposed to be styled like the new 7-Series?

Yes the CLK is wat pretier then the CL but Merc needs to upgrade the engines and systems in that car (just like the CL 2003 series).

It's kinda hard to look past the more powerfull engine and luxury of the CL class.

Mercedes Benz are wonderful.I cant see why you seem to think the Sl 55 AMG is the best 8) I think Many people underestimate Mercedes they have made many great cars Including the SLK 320 AMG ,another great car by Mercedes.Lets not forget the super car they built.The CLK GTR is one of my favourites it has pure power but has class and style like the SL 55 AMG. Good bye :)

I don't know about the AMG, but the Renntech SL55K should definitely make you nervous. That thing sounds like a propeller-driven old-school WWII fighter or something like that. It sounds insane (insanely good!). And it's 575 Horseys are a better team than the SL55-AMG's ~470 ponies.

i've never liked the rennteks. I don't think they are good daily drivers at all, whereas AMGs work very well. I have heard an SL55K "crank-up" before. It doesn't sound that sophisticated, it sounds violent and uneven. It is pretty cool though.

Well I've akways loved the Renntechs. Besides if uo think that the Renntechs are not good "daily drivers' then maybe you should read some reviews of the SL55K. It's at the very least much better than the SL55 AMG. So why would you have anything against Renntech?

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I don't understand one thing: why doesn't AMG make a supercharged version of the CLK55, after all, it is kind of a coupe version of the E class, so it should be at least as fast as the E55 (which is supercharged), if not faster. :(

well, it comes down to this, CLK is based on the C-Class platform - which is smaller. Apparently they are reluctant to put over 350hp in it. Mercedes is very precautious about things like this, maybe in years present they will bolster the chasis and drop the supercharged V8 in.

I seem to have a knack for coming up with ideas that the manufacturers use years later. Like before the last Camaro came out in 1993 I predicted what it would look like in a scetch I drew in 1990. Or the Mercedes CLK, I designed a little twin-turbo V-6 roadster with an uncanny likeness called the Victor Virocco ... In 1994. And real aluminum trim peices? It's about time people!

There - that fills my " tooting my own horn quota " for the day. :P

I think fine wood, soft leather, and polished aluminum done just right would look marvelous together. I have designed retro/modern interiors like that. It's like a modern interpretation of chrome. I have also thought it would have been cool if BMW had covered the M3 dash with suede or some like fabric, like in a racecar.

I'm sure you can get the interior you are talking about with BMW Individual but it would just be too pricey for a a car that comes of the assembly line. Too bad BMW doesn't boost their Individual division like MB does with Designo. I bet we'd be seeing lots of very interestin looking bimmers on the roads if more people knew about it.

nope, it is an assembly line option on the 3 series. it is like 700 bucks I think. I didn't pay too much attention as I said, as my beliefs are that luxury cars have wood.


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