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Which is the best ferrari?


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The definate answer for my part is the 360. Sure, the f40 and f50 have bigger and stronger engines, better aero, better grip and all of that, but the f40/50 is more of a racing car, while the 360 is more luxirious and comfertable. I can only recommend especially one video of the 360 found on this page with the engine reving. The sudden crack between the torque and hp is just magical. You have both the dodge and the f1 in the same car. But I guess that goes for all ferrari engines...

Does anyone know where I can donwload movies with TVR cars, since they are supposed to have an "awesome sound", to quote Tiff Needell.


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dude what bout the old school 288 gto...or how about hte new 550 barcheta...omg ...but i do have to say my favorite car is hte Ferrari MYthos...lol only a concept..but sexy...and oh yea...did any of you ever see the sultan of (name of country)...cars.. he has a four door 456gt..and a family station wagon 550 maranello...and he also have 6 more feraris in 5 colors that there are only one of....haha

wow...the 250 gto is a sexy asss car man.....i dont remember which magazine though...but they said the Lamborghini Miura was the worlds number one sexiest car...... Mclaren was fourth..... and the 288 Gto was like 2nd or thirds i beilve....nice

i dont know ...the f40 and f50 and f50 all have different power plants..and setups...ironically....but i think in styling yes....handling oh hell yes...and in speed.....no question......the name is getting higher and higher...and the enzo jus ttook it hihger....but sitl it is no match for some other cars...

My favourites would have to be the 288GTO and the 250, especially the GTO, Lusso and California Spider. I personally think that those had more personality than the 355's and 360's.

ditto.ditto..and more ditto...hehe

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i think that the enzo will be a car that surpasses the f50 in every way, incluing legacy. that car is wonderful. the enzo has more power, more acceleration, larger displacement, more speed, and as for the legacy, the car named after the father will be seen differently in a few years. neither the f50 nor the enzo were designed to be beautiful, but functional. they both their own sort of rugged beauty. i beleive the enzo is much better.


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