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from an 360 modena to 911 GT2

the carwhizard

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Just curious who tuned the car?. I hardly belive it before i see the pictures. Would be great if you add the car to the site. Is the car in Monaco?. I bet your not alone with that car there=). Anyway its my favorite car. I bet with 550hp it must be damn fast.

Although I am not lucky enough to have driven or been in a a 996 GT2, I HAVE been for a ride in a 993 GT2. I much prefer the look of the 993 and the acceleration was staggering.

550bhp? How the hell did you get that?

But as for sound and character.......you must prefer your Ferrari?

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I'd hafta say that you are perfectly sane...there is only one 996 GT2 here in the states, in greenwich, CT, owned by the former owner of Mobil1...I had the pleasure the go for a ride in it being close the with the Ferrari mechanics (most top end cars get their cars serviced at Ferrari) it was beautiful, its got up to 210mph....thats the fastes i've ever gone, granted the Ferrari is nice, and I am a Ferrari enthusiast I have to agree with your choice of the GT2

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I sold my 360 because it spent more time in the ferrari garage than with me.

I now have twins so now need 4 (2+2) seats, currently I have a 993 Targa which is reliable but way too slow.

I think the 993 looks great outside and cr*p inside. The 360 looked great inside and out it just always had problems.


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