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BMW M5 Press release (with pictures)


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* The world's first V10 high-revving engine in a saloon car.

* The world's first 7-speed SMG in a saloon car.

* The best power-to-weight ratio in its market segment.

Spread over three generations of production, more than 35,000 units were built - initially manually at the BMW M plant in Munich and later at the 5 Series assembly line in Dingolfing. These units were then sold worldwide.

The secret of the BMW M5's popularity has always been the successful synthesis of unobtrusive yet powerful appearance, combined with a high-performance power unit - a sports car featuring Formula 1 technology and at the same time a saloon car offering premium comfort.

In terms of driving dynamics, the BMW M5 had always set standards in its segment. It not only excelled due to its high performance, but due to the way in which M power was produced and developed. It appeared as if this first-

rate car's inexhaustible power reserves had created a totally new dimension in effortlessness.

BMW M5 parameters: Performance, style and driving fun.

Due to the change of model within the 5 Series, the BMW M product portfolio is currently presented without a BMW M5, even though the demand for such a car has never diminished. For this reason, BMW M designers have begun designing a possible successor based on the new BMW 5 Series. This car is a far-reaching concept on an appealing subject: the BMW Concept M5.

Such a car could undoubtedly serve as a stimulus and offer solutions for a future series-production vehicle.

Totally in keeping with the high demands of our clientele, whose main reasons for purchasing a car are performance, style and driving fun, the BMW M5 Concept makes its living out of contrasts: the principle of optimal performance wrapped in a discreet but, by comparison with the 5 Series, distinctive body design.

When seen alongside the new 5 Series, the exterior design of the

BMW Concept M5 has its very own uniqueness. Modified front and rear air dams and side sills, a slightly lower body, side air vents, an exclusive

wheel design as well as the four M-type tailpipes, visually accentuate the vehicle's claim to being a sports car.

The first V10 high-revving power unit in a saloon car.

The heart of every M automobile, and that includes the BMW Concept M5, must be its exclusive high-performance power unit with high-revving air intake technology, an engine which sets a benchmark in this field. With this

engine, BMW M is presenting a masterpiece in power unit technology that undoubtedly has just what it takes: the figure 5 is predominant with a

5.0-litre capacity producing around 500 bhp (368 kW) and a maximum torque of at least 500 Nm, these being the kind of figures BMW M considers worthy of a possible new M5.

And the figure ten will also gain in significance, as, for the first time in

BMW history, a series-production saloon car is to be powered by a

ten-cylinder internal combustion engine, the sound and power of which is closely related to the engine currently providing monstrous power to the

BMW Williams Formula 1 racing car, without a doubt the most powerful car

on the starting grid.

The engine powering the BMW Concept M5 should be in a position to mobilise the enormous power reserves required to assist this unique sports saloon car in achieving a remarkable driving performance. Engineers at BMW M envisage the car accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) over the classic distance in well under 5 seconds, the 200 km/h mark being reached in just 13 seconds.

It is not power alone that makes an M power unit so unique.

The technology of this newly-developed ten-cylinder engine should not be perceivable by single-dimensional power or sheer performance alone, but first and foremost by the method of achieving such performance. M power featured in the new BMW Concept M5 will once again rise to the occasion and become a perfect example of what is technically feasible and appropriate.

This is evident not only in the extremely appealing design of a BMW high-performance engine. Needless to say, this specially developed BMW M engine incorporates typical features such as high-pressure VANOS, individual throttle butterflies, engine electronics designed by our own engineers and based on knowledge gained from Formula 1 racing as well as traverse

force-regulated oil supply.

BMW M engineers would not focus on sheer torque alone, but first and foremost on engine power, a sign of effective utilisation of the undoubtedly very substantial performance potential that is available.

Moreover, the BMW Concept M5 stands out from others by having the most innovative drive concept in its class. Thanks to a superior gearbox solution, the driver can benefit from a completely new 7-speed SMG, a rapid manual gear-shift and, if required, comfortable cruising. This piece of technical mastery also has its origins in Formula 1 synergism.

Optimum driving behaviour, whether in town or on the Nürburgring.

The designers of the BMW Concept M5 were, of course, eager to succeed against competition in building the lightest car, as BMW wishes to continue pursuing the concept of intelligent lightweight construction in order to achieve a high level of longitudinal and lateral dynamics. As seen on the new 5 and 6 Series, BMW has already presented an innovative example of a lightweight front end construction. BMW M engineers aspired to achieve the best power-to-weight ratio in this market segment, thereby fully utilising their abundant experience in suspension design.

Based on the excellent all-aluminium suspension of the new BMW 5 Series, with the addition of some elements from the new BMW 7 Series, they have designed the BMW Concept M5 for maximum comfort when driving for longer periods on motorways or in stop-and-go city traffic, as well as for putting on a good show when racing round the north loop of the Nürburgring. In addition to a specially tuned Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), a variable M-type limited-slip differential, which we are already familiar with from the BMW M3, ensures optimum driving behaviour in all situations.

The 9½ inch light-alloy rear wheels, manufactured especially for the

BMW Concept M5, boast specially designed, extra wide 285/35 ZR 19 tyres. At the front there are 255/40 ZR 19 tyres on 8½ inch wheels, controlled by a newly designed Servotronic steering which is fitted as standard. A reinforced breaking system developed especially for the BMW Concept M5 enables the driver to fully control the engine's exceptional performance.

Equipment in a class of its own.

Needless to say, the BMW Concept M5 also offers scores of ideas for equipping the car with particularly exclusive and sporty options. Without going into detail right now, it can be said that the special solutions required to satisfy the demanding customer's preferences in this particular market segment have been realised.

When exactly the concept of a series-produced M5 will be realized cannot be confirmed at the present time. However, it can be assumed that a successor to the extremely popular BMW M5, based on the BMW Concept M5 now being exhibited, could possibly go on sale during the course of the year 2004.

Notice that the pictures are hosted on bmw.com which is kinda proof that they are authentic. 7-speed SMG (settles the argument between me and polarfox :) ) and 500bhp, which translates to 100hp/l. Pretty sweet numbers if you ask me.

The nose looks very aggresive but I would like to see more shots from the side and back. I don't like those mirrors! They stick out like 2 flaps. I'd rather see the current M style mirrors.

/edit: And here are some more pics:



High-res pictures:






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The secret of the BMW M5's popularity has always been the successful synthesis of unobtrusive yet powerful appearance, combined with a high-performance power unit.

The secret to the M5's popularity in the market, as with most high end performance cars, is that it looks good, and goes fast. And a lot of stupid rich folks want to look good, whether they can handle the car or not.

7-Speed SMG? Look whos' keeping up with the Jones's. :roll:

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The reason it is "only" 5.0 liters is that BMW likes to extract more power through revs, rather than displacement.

Hopefully, a manual trans will be offered. It would be a coruption of the M spirit if it were'nt.

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Styling wise I'm not satisfied at all. Okay it is a improvement but it still has that big fat rear end and the body still looks fat! Heck what are those, 19'?

The mirrors! oh god the mirrors. Hopefully we can retrofit the E39 mirrors.

A SMG is a manual transmission btw...

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The engine specs are identical cu Lamborghini Gallardo's. They are impressive, but not unmatched. I am disappointed that the engine wasn't a 5.5l and 550hp. This is probably saved for M6 CSL...

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A SMG is a manual transmission btw...

Were not talking SMG manual, but a full manual, the kind you row with a stick.

About the Gallardo engine matching the M's, although the Gallardo is " entry level ", it is still a reletively low volume car with a very high six-figure price. The M5 will be a reletively high volume car with a price under $100,000 most likely. The on paper stats of the M5's V10 will not be " ground breaking " or un-matched, but the application is. Just like the application of a high production 8,000 rpm motor in the M3 was. It's race car technology being entered into street use. Thats' really why it is special.

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Of course its official that they're using a 5.0L V-10.

The reason y they would change from V-8 to V-10 is becuz of benchmarking.

Other car companies r gonna be challenging the E39 M5 becuz they want its title.

So BMW, in order to keep its title, hasta make a way to more refine and tune up another M.

Make it even faster, handle better and look even more appealin than its predecessor.

In that way the competition will hafta strive even harder 2 out-do their ownself.

They're already doing the best that they THINK they can with their engines.

I think a V-10 for the M5 is only natural now.

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they moved to a V10 so they could show they had advanced, also to link the car with their F1 technology, and because they needed a total redesign, and saw a potential for more power this route. It is official no manual will be offered, only the SMG, my question is what will road tests reveal.

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Well from what BMW is claiming the M5 V10 is a direct decendent of the F1 V10. It is still a very amazing engine no matter what the styling may be. I'm sure this car is going to set a new standard for years to come like the last M5 did. Too bad the E55 looks much better.

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I agree that the E55 AMG looks good. It's bout time too cuz i find Benz rather ugly.

But I still prize the M5's looks over the AMG.

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the exhaust on the E55 kills the whole appearance, atleast the M5, even if wierd, is consistantly wierd, and could grow on you.

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All this talk bout the new V-10 M5. What ever happened bout the new V-8 M3???

Well, Kevin when the new M3 cums out i know for sure it would have a manaul so buy it instead.

I'm pretty sure figures r gonna be close jus like E39 and E46 but might not.

Newayz, has nebody heard bout the V-8 M3, it's not like i gonna be able 2 afford this new M5 newayz.

Plus with it not having a stick it'll be around 3/10s of a second slower in 0-60.

It turns me off that it doesn't havva stick newayz.

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Look, SMG and other "F1" style shifting systems can be a kick for sure, but not offering a full manual at all is robbery. BMW themselves have always taken special pride in offering full manuals in nearly every model. And now they turn around with nothing but a paddle shifter, like it doesn't matter anymore.

Everyone is far too focused on brute force these days. Huge ten cylinder engines', even 16's - cars so bulky that 19" wheels are standard. What ever happened to finesse? These cars may have the moves, but it just isn't the same anymore. I don't think that a V10 in the M5 is so much a progession, but a lazy move. It's gotten to the point where nobody cares what the final price will be, because they know the fool public will scoop it up no matter what.

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