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Interesting ways you got hooked on cars

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I was just interested to know how everyone began their love affair with the motor car? Any thing funny or unusual? My fascination began several years ago when I was undertaken on the M25 motorway (at high speed) by three identical (besides colour) Ferrari 355's, one red, one yellow and one dark blue. I went from displaying no interest in cars to having videos, dvds and posters of them and attending motor shows and motor racing events almost overnight.

You guys who have Lambo's and Ferrari's could just have had a VW golf or something. Unless you are fairly passionate about your motor cars you wouldn't spend the money buying such exotic machines. Something must have gotten you into cars in the first place to make you do this.

I was just interested to know what.

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yeah, when I was 4 i rode in my dad's buddy's F328 Quattrovalvole, and was fascinated, 12 i took my lawnmower apart to see how it worked. When I was 14, my dad taught me to drive stick on his alfa romeo in our driveway (long driveway). From that point on, I was hooked. The feel, sound, smell, even the taste of driving was addictive, that and I've always loved figuring how things work, so the ideal day for me is working on my car in the morning, and in the afternoon going out and testing my work.


Great question! For me I guess I always had a latent interest in cars and powered transport, particularly airplanes. But I distinctly recall becoming quite facinated by cars at 15 or 16 when I began receiving a subscription to Car&Driver magazine in the mail that really belonged to my best friend as a Christmas gift. I think I ended up keeping half the issues. ( My mom worked at the newspaper and got a special deal on magazine subscriptions. )

Anyway, I remember seeing an ad in the magazine for the BMW 318i convertable and thinking it was one slick car 8) . " Maybe someday I'll be able to buy a used 318i " I thought. Until I eventually graduated to dreaming about M3's and 750's

So that is how my love affair with cars, and BMW's began. :P


My father is a car enthusiast, and shared his passion with me. He always loved british, italian, and swedish cars because they were unique and had personality. I grew up marveling at his buddy's 560SLs, F328s, Corvettes, XJS V12s, and dreamed of when I could have something like that. I too have a fascination with planes (also a private pilot). I remember reading through motortrend as a kid, I have like 500 or more of the damn things in my closet. I grew a fascination for german cars because of their engineering. I remember reading about the old 3.6 M5s going out taking vettes on the track and though of how neat that was, and if BMW had made a little car like a vette, how much it would own.

I wanted to have a Saab 900 Turbo when I was little. I saw one on a TV commercial, and it just looked and sounded so cool.

That was back when SAABs were SAABs though.


my first car was a saab 900. bad choice however, the transmissions need to be replaced every 80,000 miles. but i loved the styling of that car.


was yours an automatic? I've never driven an old saab 900 with the auto, but the manual seemed solid. It had the worst shifter in the history of cars.


Seems like most people get hooked either through their parents (their fathers mostly, anyone love cars because of their mothers enthusiasm? That would be unusual!) or through just looking at magazines.

Recently, I took an 11yr old to a festival attented by members of the UK Ferrari owners club and before we arrived he was showing little -to- no interest in where we were going. Ferrari simply meant F1 race cars to him.

But once we arrived, and he saw the field, turned red with italian exotica, you could tell from his face that he was going to be hooked from now on! :o There was about 30 - 40 Ferrari's parked up including 3 red 360 Spiders next to one another and at least a couple of F40's and an F50. It was a perfect day and the sun shining on the cars simply highlighted their curves and intensified their beauty.

I had only once before seen a meeting like this so it was quite special for me; although I had seen these cars in magazines and at motorshows etc. He had never really seen a Ferrari road car, so to now be as close as to touch them and look inside must have really been an amazing experience.

No doubt he will be recalling it on an internet forum in 4 or 5 years!


no better way to get people hooked than a pack of ferraris. Anyone who sees and hears a ferrari speed off and doesn't just tingle all over must be dead inside.


My father has been a mechanic eversince he was 13. He has hiw own garage now and when I was little I used to help him. Legaly I was allowed to drive cars on the car lot cause it's personal property and I did so on many occasions. When I was in highschool I was the only one in our class who could drive a car.

I guess it's in my blood, nothing made my dad happier then letting a car pur like a kitten. My father is retired now and my brother runs the company.

During my studie and while I was bussy with my company I was off cars, didn't think of them as much. A few years back I had the privilige of driving a Ferrari 512 TR. That flat-12 monster pumping out 428bhp had me hooked on cars again.


driving a car of the calibre of Testarossa could make anyone a car fanatic. No one in my family is mechanical, my father has always loved cars, my uncle is a car enthusiast and a hobby car tuner. He had a tuned 1997 corvette C5, and from what I hear, he has recently traded it for a SL55 AMG. I should plan a visit :D

Anyways, that must have been a great way to grow up.

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