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Yet another set of 6-Series pics

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we will have to wait till it comes out - and we see one in real life to know for sure.


The basic look of the M6 has been more-or-less confirmed. It's in that link. (Not the spy-shots).


ok, we've seen the Z4 and seven series.

put the two together and you get a 5, how is that?


I think that this car is gonna look great

even if it doesn't, which it will

the power goes unmatched if you are talking about the M6

Looks do count, but not as much as the power that will be under this beauty


i look at it like this.

I remember in 88 or 89 when the 5 series changed body styles drastically, added a lot of sophisticated electronics to the cabin, it was controversial. People called it ugly, got angry, said it was no good. Now look at that 5 series, it is the very epitome of what we think of as a bmw, the wide kidney bean grilles, the dual round headlights, the boxier, straighter lines, the kamm style tails, the looks being introduced on 7, Z4, and soon in 5 will come to be classic too. BMW has always been very very cutting edge, and this is the price.

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