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Lancer Evolution vs. Impreza WRX


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Both cars are great but mitsubishi is better looking!Horse power is not so important!The wrx can be faster on the highway but the fun is all about corners! :DAnd i think that sti is not 300bhp as i last saw the test drive on eurosport it was less then 300!Don`t remember how much it was!

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Well actually the Evo has 271 horsepower to the sti 300 hp

The fact of the matter is all in all the evo bone stock is a better car then the STI, while im not biased to either car, i belive the evo is the better of the to IF you do not plan to do many performance mods, Its faster then the sti, turns better, and has a cute little quality in its looks that the Sti lacks. But if you are a ricerX/DrifterX like me, the Sti is the car to get out of the 2, 2.5L engine and about 12 psi of boost sounds like an easier upgradeable engine (the same engine found in 99-00 Impreza RS minus the turbo) the problem with the evo is that well its a 2L 19 psi engine, which is alot, take away maybe a blow off valve, boost control gauges and higher flow fuel gates i can see this car making more than 350 hp, this little engine cant handle bigger turbos higher boost lvls etc... i see bore and stroke kits being nessecary for this vehicle. Although i think i would buy the Evo ne way, i alwayz thought if you Chopped Topped them bout' 2 inches down, and gave them wide body kits they would be sick

As for the few editorials i have readabout this being the next pony Car wars, ie.. Mustang vs Comaro, there is one problem the difference between the stock vehicles a Lancer is well not the greatest car around for the money u spend on it, and well the WRX is a 25k max supercar, these vehicles dont match up well for an all out battle, the Scoobys already have the advantage.

Srry Evo fans excellent car but it non upgradeable, congrats to mitsu though for making so much out of the little 4 banger they are using.

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I think that the ovoid headlamps of the older Impreza gave it a distinctive sporty look once you got used to them. Who knows why people made such a big deal out of them, just look at the E-Class Benz, bug eyes all the way. The restyled lights are just lights.

The Evo is not a very comfortable roadcar, and comfort goes a long way to making a driver more focused, efficient, and ... Comfortable. So on the road the Sti is the faster platform all drivers being equal.

The old Impreza's headlamps were pretty ugly. It's not too big of an improvement now either, mind you. Crap design statements are what the Japanese are all about, apparently. BTW, never compare a MB to a Subaru. Please. Mercedes owns the rounded headlights. And afterall, who can make a fashion statement with their cars, Merc, or Subaru? I think Subaru should higher an American or a German to design their future cars. The Evo looks better than the Impreza, although it needs improvements of it's own. As for the cars themselves (looks aside), I hate both. The European and North American Evo and Impreza are different from their Japanese versions (meaning they are worse than the Japanese Evos and Imprezas).

And another thing, why are these two cars considered such bitter "rivals"? Their different, and becoming more different all the time. One is more of an outdoor car (the Impreza), while the other is more of a track car (the Evo).

Actually to be honest, BMW probably " owns " rounded headlights :D .

As for the rivalry of the WRX Sti and the Evo, I don't see why it would be out of context, they're both little rally style Japanese four-doors with screaming turbo-four engines. The comparison is a natural.

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Pimpin' out cars does work, it just doesn't work as well.

LateNightCable - the Evo vs. Impreza rivalry may be on it's deathbed, because the Mitsu is fast becoming a track car, where as the Impreza is heading harsh towards the rally direction at 3 and a half G's.

the Impreza is heading harsh towards the rally direction at 3 and a half G's.

I guess that would all depend on what kind of tires and springs it's riding on. I'm sure any WRX driver would testify that it's a great track car.

they are both excellent track cars. very competitive, the WRX has more of a history in north america, but the EVO is a rally legend. If i remember, it has more wins than subaru as well.

True, and I agree. But nowadays each can hold it's own in their particular category, and since they seem to be going different directions, that matters less. The Evo has become more of a track car than Mitsubishi intended, and the Impreza is quite possibly becoming the potential rally legend Subaru wants it to be. Funny how each company wants what the other has.


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