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NO M7? Nvm

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You know that for a long time BMW said that the M5 wouldn't have a V10. It is somewhat redundant to have an M7, and an M7 would be out of place in the ///M family. I wouldn't be suprised to see a performance V12, I am just not holding out for a 675hp V12 monster. It would be cool though.

(Hey, how about that 675hp engine in ///M6? - doesn't 6 deserve more hp than 5?).

i think for sure they are malking a 500 horse v10 liek teh m5...maybe in the future they will ahve a new generation 8 series with lighter weight and a whhopping v12 600-700 horse you never know but i bet theyd never make it to canada.

i think M7=waste of time i mean theres too much projected horse in a 4 door sedan its just not right...maybe a V12 diesel thatd be cool because think what the 7 series is designed for... its for family use with a bit of style and a diesel would be awesome

north american will never see a luxury car with a diesel. The only diesels here are those in heavy duty pickups. Keep in mind that with the advanced direct injection and fuel control technologies, BMW's V10s and V12s will be more fuel efficent than any current performance V8. No M car will ever get mileage, nor will any 7 or 5 series like a honda civic, but no economy car will every challenge BMW for performance. At least in the US gas is cheap enough that gas mileage is a minor issue (I have a landrover discovery 4.6 in the family - it gets maybe 12 miles per gallon on premium unleaded - sad huh?).

Would a diesel be fun to drive like a high winding, turbine like BMW V12?

I live in alberta canada gas is dirt cheap here lol . but an M6 having a 12 600-700 would blow allmost every single V12 coupe around. YEah you got a point. lol i dont no imperial system man geez us should turn into metic its confusing everybody lol

The U.S. tried to switch to metric - it didn't work.

i have most of the US/Metric conversions in my head. it is confusing. keep in mind whenever i refer to a figure - it is in the US. Standard system.


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