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MF3 - Reifen schleift am Kotflügel


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Dear all,


We are experiencing some problems with our newly installed tires and need your help!


The right tire was rubbing slightly against the inside of the hood. (Pirelli Pzero)

About 1 month ago we installed new Michelin Sport 4 on all 4 wheels. 

Since then, the right and now the left tire have started rubbing more and more against the hood as you can see in the photos.


We went back to the tire shop who said it was not because of the tires as they are exactly the same size as the previous ones.


We went to the old Wiesmann importer in Belgium whom mentioned that the rims and wheels are to big for the car. He advised to size down to 18" instead of 19".

He checked the suspension which seems to be completely ok.


As nobody is able to give us a solution we were hoping that one of you might have another solution?


Thank you all in advance for your ideas, help!













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Some further information is needed:

Tire size?

Wheel measurments (diameter, outset, width)?

Obviously the wheels have at least far too much outset. This causes with movements of the wheel towards the bodywork when being driven the described damages.

Normally 19" rims should have an outset of 35 mm on the front, these look like being wider than 8" and having an outset of 30 or even 25 mm. This will never work.

I do not believe that the damage occured only after mountin gof new tires. Yes, the width of the tread is not exactly the same with a given tire size - but the difference is not this huge. 

Try standing close to the front fender and have a look alongside the wheelarches downwards. Can You spot the edges of the rims being wider than the bodywork? Normally You should not even see the shoulder of the tire ... at least between "10 o'clock and 3 o'clock" (measured from the front of the wheel). If You do so: The rims are inappropriate.

Hope this helps.


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