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grandad's cars


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They say nothing beats the original, but that's just not true! BMW's chairman says the 507 was the best production car ever, but a new ford mondeo is faster more comfortable refined and reliable, It's also kider to squirrels and Al Gore. But the point of owning a 507 is not to lug people around in lack of style but to enjoy being in something that shouted 'I have the same car as Elvis' and I agree that the 507 is a woderful car. So I thought there should be a list of cars that did what 507 did, cars that may not be the best on paper, but they are magnificant to behold or look at as you overtake it in your suisuki liana. I'll get the ball rolling by listing 3 (sorry that 2 of them are french, but the yanks still make the good cars).

1.Citroen SM a sexy French with American blood

2.Alfa 33 stardale, looks better than anything alfa is making today, or any other car company for that matter, plus it has pedigree

3.Peugeot 402 the first car that was designed to be aero-dynamic and look good at the same time, and succeed.


Fave supercar:Jag XJ220

Fave company: Mercedes-benz

Fave new cars: CLS55 - Alfa GT

Fave looker: Lambo LP460 roadster (yellow)

Fave truck: None of them

Least fave cars: All skodas ever

Fave cars: Citroen SM - Alfa 33 Stradale

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My personal faves:

Fave supercar: McLaren F1

Fave company: Ferrari

Fave new cars: Pagani,

Fave looker: Porsche 993 GT2

Fave truck: Volvo & Scania

Least fave cars: all Volkswagen and all front wheel drive cars

Fave cars: Ferrari F40 and BMW E36 M3

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Original Porsche 911

Its slower then most SUV's now, and has very difficult handling, but it was and still is an awsome car, not to mention a trend setter.

Lamborghini Countach LP400

This car pretty much defined the wedge shaped supercar.


Sure the handling is dangerous on the older ones, but the bodywork is gorgeous, and the design revelutionary.

Ferrari 308

This is what people think when they think "Ferrari", and despite having only 8 cylenders, its still an awsome car.


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