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Vector Avtech/WX-3, how fast?

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The Vector Avtech is one of my favorite cars, and claims to be capable of 250 mph. However, no confirmed tests have ever been done. My question is for someone who is rather good at physics, and very knowlagable about automotive running gear. Do you think it can really do 250? What does the math say it can do?

Here are the stats:

Twin-turbocharged 7.0 liter Oldsmobile V-8

1000 horsepower @ 5800 rpm with twin turbos engaged

700lb @ 4100 rpm torque

estamated 7000 rpm redline

3400 lbs

Michelen MXX3 tires

It seems like it would be powerfull enough, but the real problems are:

Could the tires handle such speed?

Would the car stay on the ground?

Would the transmission let it go that fast?


Here are some links for more information:



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I'm not a big physics major, but just from looking at the available stats, my guess is that it probably doesn't do 250-260 miles per hour. The stats for one of the most important variables - the transmission, are pretty sparse. Who knows what the ratios are? I assume it's a six-speed, which would make 250+ kind of unlikely, while still being a streetable road car. Plus the final drive ratio is not too unlike a Diablo VT.

Also the tires, Michelin MXX3. Any tire capable of withstanding those speeds is very specialized - basically developed for that one car. Like those of the Veyron.

If little Vector could achieve all that with the Avtech, the Veyron is even more inefficient than many think.

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