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New Maserati???


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User Maserati-4200 posted it in the German part of carpassion.com

Maserati Coupè shaping up

Here's an artist's rendering of what the upcoming Maserati Coupè may look like when it's released sometime next year. We're guessing it's pretty close to what the actual car will be like in metal as we're expecting something that looks exactly like a Quattroporte with two doors. We dig the more sculpted hood and shapely fenders, along with the slightly angrier looking headlights. The Coupè's wheelbase will be some six inches shorter than the Quattroporte's and the vehicle much lighter overall. Power is expected to come from a 500-hp, 4.5L V8, the sound of which can supposedly be heard in this video of a mule being track tested.

A small clip at Fiorano


Somebody who knows more?

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