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jetta mkIV's


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ok, i'm 17 years old and this last november i bought a 2001 jetta 1.8t. now, i love the car, sick handling, bad ass acceleration, and a smooth ride. Not a bad transition, seeing as before that i was driving a 69 chevelle with a brand new 350 small block. Now, with the jetta, i did my research, i car faxed it, i looked up specs, the whole bit. Now, i knew that vw's weren't the most reliable cars ever, but i still dug em. Now, my problem is, since then, i have had to replace the clutch and just recently the cam adjuster. I could probably have replaced both these myself, but my parents wanted the dealership to look do it. So we've paid $3600 in repairs in the last maybe 4 months. I've also had to replace the water pump, which was anything big, but yeah, it's still a bother, considering i have less 55,000 miles on my car. Now, should i be expecting huge repairs on my car like this a lot more in the future, or is this just be a series of bad events that couldn't be helped, possibly due to the way the previous owner cared for the car(i take hellacious care of this car, considering i pay $250 a month and dont want it messed up any time soon)

any ideas on this would be really helpful, cuz i don't want to have to dump this car, cuz it really is a nice vehicle

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its very very strange that those things went wrong on the car this early...

i wouldnt imagine that you would have huge amounts of repairs that would need to be done anytime soon, but you definitely shouldnt quote me on that. i would check the consumer reports used car buying guide. also be weary of electrical problems.

the dealer will bend you over for anything. labor alone for some of the things i fixed by myself on my audi were 10k+.

if your parents are going to make you bring it to get fixed, leave them with the bill.

thats what i thought, was that it was just an odd set of events. we have an extended warranty which, through a crap load of struggle we have gotten volkswagen to honor and we are gettin it fixed for free. I'm kind of weary of all the consumer reports ive checked though, because for some people they are way wrong and for others they are way right. Ive heard about the electrical issues in the 1.8t's, thankfully thats not a problem for me yet. thanks for all the advice though


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