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E-class 211 Xenon light upgrade


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Who has any experience with upgrading to bi-xenon headlights?

I think the regular lights of my new type 2003 E-class S211(station wagon) are apallingly poor. Actually I thought my old S210 had better lights.

I am looking at various non-original kits to find the best quality and easy mounting. The kits I have seen are fairly plug and play, I have even seen serious car mags recommending them (among them Swedish Auto Motor & Sport).

I'm also considering original Mercedes xenon parts but unsure whether Mercedes sells anything but the entire headlight units which I believe would be very expensive. To be honest I don't even see that there can be any major difference since my short-beam lights have a lens and the entire unit in any case is automatically height adjusted. I would be very thankful for any tips and feedback.

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