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Bosch new "scavenging" turbo


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I just read the newest mag, haven't found anything about it on the net. But Bosch have tested a system for Audi 2.0 engine. A reporter got to test an Audi 2.0 FSI Turbo and then the Scavenging system for the same engine. He put 6th gear in at 1500 rpm. Right on there was 400 NM of torque and instantly pulled! He imediately thought about the big V8 diesels from Mercedes S-class and BMW 7-series! But this is not a diesel! It's a gasoline!!!

On the Audi it stod: "Bosch, DI Motronic, Scavenging"

Bosch said that better fueleconomy is possible with the Scavenging engine with help of FSI from Audi and variable valve timing. Bosch didn't say how it works. But highpressure air is used instantly. You don't need a big engine when driving legally on the highway, but when you want power it's instantly there! Fantastic! Please give us a link if anyone found anything further about this...!

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