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Sony Playstation 3 ... General Discussion.


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This thread is for general discussion regarding the Sony Playstation 3 game console and any related news.

The "PS3" doesn't expected to arrive until spring 2006 reportedly. But many of us on Carpassion are also gamers, Gran Turismo gamers in particular. So this thread is open early to get a head start on discussing this new console.

I've seen some game demos (already) of the sort of things we can expect from the Playstation 3, and it's impressive - the frame rate and level of activity on screen especially. If you've seen the demo for a battlefield/shoot em' up game called I-8 or Gran Turismo 5 ( Vision Gran Turismo ) you know what I'm talking about.

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The demos you see from Sony are usually fake. They're pulling the same shit like they did with the PS2.

It's not going to be that great, it will probably be lackluster for at least 4 months after release.

yea itll take a while for it to come out and im not worried about it, i just bought a ps thin since my old ps2 crapped out after i dont know how many years of abuse.

itll be good when it comes out... in over a year.

The kind of graphics and the like that are available really have a lot to do with game developers. The hardware is a base, but if they don't take the time and affort to make good software, then you just have a crap game that doesn't do the hardware any justice.

Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo's developer has consistantly pushed the limits of the hardware, and that's what a good developer should do. The game demo's I've seen could be fake, but then they are supposedly representative of actual release games, so what's the point? I really wouldn't expect anything less of a 3rd. gen Playstation. I'll be in no rush to get one when it comes out though.

As for my PS2, it sit's beneath my TV un-jarred and always dusted because I want it to last. The controllers, now that's another story.:wink:


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